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BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips

By Rose Barfield 3 min July 13, 2020
BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips

One of the first thing you might discover about BricsCAD® are selection windows (selection boxes). Clicking and dragging your mouse creates a green or a blue "box".  These are probably the easiest way to select multiple entities in BricsCAD, but BricsCAD offers a whole lot more options for selecting entities!

Green or Blue?

If you click and drag the mouse left to right a blue window appears. If you move it right to left a green window appears.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- green blue

Comparing the left to right selection window with the right to left selection window.

Inside Window -- blue box -- only the entities (objects) that are fully inside the box are selected.

Crossing Window -- green box -- everything inside the box, fully or partially, is selected.

Thinking Outside the (selection) box

Selection windows are not just limited to rectangular boxes in BricsCAD. Use the Select command to gain access to additional selection methods.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- select menu

Outside Window

The Outside window option, selects everything outside of the window.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- outside window

Polygon selection

Using the Window polygon, Crossing polygon and Outside polygon options you can create a more customized selection shape.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- polygons


Using the Window circle, Crossing circle and Outside circle options, you can even create selections using a circular boundary!

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- circles


Another option, unique to BricsCAD, is the Point selection option. It selects any closed boundaries around a given point.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- point


The Fence selection mode selects all entities that cross the line "fence" drawn.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- fence

Plus many more

Not to be forgotten are the Select all entities (Ctrl+a), Previous selection and Last entity in drawing selection modes. Always useful and they all do exactly what they say on the tin.

Selecting in 3D!

If you're using selection boxes in 3D, hold Ctrl to switch between selecting faces, edges or solids. The HotKey Assistant will guide you through.

BricsCAD Selecting Entities - Tuesday Tips- hot key assistant

The Hotkey Assistant

You also have the option to use QuickSelect. This command allows you to apply a selection filter to a drawing using the Properties panel.

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Rose Barfield

by Rose Barfield - CAD User Experience & Interface Design Specialist

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Rose is responsible for taking user feedback and improving the BricsCAD product. Before coming to BricsCAD, she was a CAD user and worked in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense industries as a Technical Illustrator. She loves finding out how things work, taking them apart, and (hopefully) putting them back together again.

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