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Tuesday Tips - Transform 2D Entities with Stretch

By Rose Barfield 2 min April 5, 2021
Tuesday Tips - Transform 2D Entities with Stretch

If you're looking to transform and scale 2D entities non-uniformly, then you need STRETCH.
Use it to change the size and shape of 2D entities, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Transform 2D Entities with Stretch- stretch 2

This is a 2D, isometric drawing, not a 3D model.

To stretch entities

  1. Enter the STRETCH command.
  2. Select a portion of the 2D entities to move.
  3. Select a base point and an endpoint.
    The selection should now be stretched.
    Note: To add or remove entities from the selection, you can use any selection method you would normally use.

Warning: This command only works in 2D.

Get a Grip

STRETCH isn't the only way to change the shape of a 2D entity; you can also manipulate entities using grips.Transform 2D Entities with Stretch- grips

How to modify a drawing with grips:

  1. Click the entity you want to modify. The entity grips display.
  2. Click a grip to activate it. The grip will change color.
    Tip You can change the color of grips in the settings dialog.
  3. Hold Shift to select multiple grips.
  4. Release Shift and move the selected grips.
    Tip This also works in 3D.

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