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Which version of BricsCAD do I need?

By Rose Barfield 3 min November 25, 2020
Which version of BricsCAD do I need?

If you download a BricsCAD trial, you will notice that you automatically have access to BricsCAD Ultimate, free for 30-days. But BricsCAD comes in many different versions. So, before you make a purchase, you might want to test out a few versions and see which works best for you.

To work out which version BricsCAD is best for you, you'll need to us the SETLICENSELEVEL command (previously RUNASLEVEL).

What is the SETLICENSELEVEL command?

SETLICENSELEVEL command allows you to run different BricsCAD trial versions:

  • Lite -- runs BricsCAD Lite, without the commands exclusive to the Pro, BIM and Mechanical.
  • Pro -- runs BricsCAD Pro, without the commands exclusive to Mechanical and BIM.
  • Mechanical -- runs BricsCAD Mechanical without the commands exclusive to BIM.
  • BIM -- runs BricsCAD BIM without the commands exclusive to Mechanical.
  • Ultimate -- runs BricsCAD Ultimate with all the commands for Pro, BIM and Mechanical.

Learn more about the BricsCAD product family.

It also allows you to manage the Communicator for BricsCAD (if installed).

How do I run BricsCAD in a different trial version?

  1. Enter SETLICENSELEVEL. The following text will appear:
    Change license level for product [BricsCAD/Communicator] <BricsCAD>: (Choose an option)
  2. Enter BCAD or click BricsCAD. The following text will appear:
    Run BricsCAD as [Lite/Pro/Bim/Mechanical/Ultimate] <Ultimate>: -- (choose an option.)
    Enter C or click Communicator. The following text will appear:
    Run Communicator with license [No licence/Trial/Full] <Trial> -- (choose an option.)
  3. Enter the version you want to use and hit Enter or select a version from the list.
  4. Restart BricsCAD to apply the changes.

You will now be able to use BricsCAD as the selected license.

Note: You can also use this command to turn the Communicator For BricsCAD on or off.

What happens when my 30-day Trial Ends?

Once your 30-day trial is over, BricsCAD reverts to BricsCAD Shape. You can use this free, without a subscription or a license key.


SETLICENSELEVEL was the RUNASLEVEL in versions of BricsCAD V20 and before. The RUNASLEVEL command name is identical, in name, to the RunAsLevel user preference name (in the English version). As a result, you cannot set the value of the RunAsLevel user preference from the Command line.

If you use SETLICENSELEVEL on a licensed version of BricsCAD and the license level is lower than that requested, the command will not work.

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Rose is responsible for taking user feedback and improving the BricsCAD product. Before coming to BricsCAD, she was a CAD user and worked in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense industries as a Technical Illustrator. She loves finding out how things work, taking them apart, and (hopefully) putting them back together again.

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