Tuesday Tips - BIMtags

By Rose Barfield 5 min July 15, 2019
Tuesday Tips - BIMtags

BIMtags aren't just for windows and doors. In BricsCAD BIM you can use BIMtags on almost any item! You can also customize them and edit them to your heart's content. Keep reading to find out how.

What's a BIMtag?

A BIMtag is basically just a multileader line that is associated with a BIM entity type. For example, the _WallTypeStyle tag is an annotation that automatically attaches itself to walls on section views in the paper space.

Tuesday Tips - BIMtags- wallStyle type-1024x747

Example of a BIMtag. This is the standard wall tag in BricsCAD, but it can be customized.

Using BIMtags

You can generate a section drawing from the 3D model using BIMSECTIONUPDATE command. Open the drawing and begin by executing the BIMTAG command. You'll be given the following options:

  • Manual -- This option creates tags on background entities in sections and elevations.
    1. Pick point on a sectioned BIM element [Auto/Default mleader styles] -- Click a BIM element.
    2. Place the tag -- Pick a point to place the tag.
    3. Pick point on a sectioned BIM element [Auto/Default mleader styles] -- Click a BIM element or press Enter to stop.
  • Auto -- Tags are created automatically for all sectioned building entities in the selected viewport. You can alter and reposition them afterward.
  • Update Existing -- Updates the existing tags in the selected viewport.
  • Update Existing and Add New -- Updates the existing tags in the selected viewport and adds new tags.
  • Regenerate All -- Updates all tags in the selected viewport.

Customizing BIMtags

You can customize the standard library BIMtags.

Change the tag in the drawing

If you only want to change your tag for one drawing, you can change the block attributes using block edit (BEDIT). If you use this method all tags are automatically updated.

Tuesday Tips - BIMtags- bedit2-1024x577

In this example, the standard wall tag is being edited using the Block Editor.

The leader style can also be customized using MLEADERSTYLE just like any other Multileader.

Tuesday Tips - BIMtags- curved-lines-1024x577

If you edit the block with BEdit, all the tags are automatically updated.

You can also add your own using the Drawing Explorer. See the help article for information on how to create your own Multileader styles.

Create your own library of BIMtags

Additionally, you can create your own BIMtags and add them to the BricsCAD library so that they are always available to you.

For this example, I am going to update the block and tags for a BIM 'Member' element.

  1. First, open the _SectionTag file, this is located in the support folder:


    Tip: you can also type SUPPORTFOLDER in BricsCAD to open the support folder directly.

  2. Next, create a new block. For this example I'm using the BricsCAD logo.

  3. Now create a new Multileader Style in the Drawing Explorer. For this example I have named the style "logo".

    Tuesday Tips - BIMtags- edit mleaders-1024x752

    There are tons of options available to you when customizing the BIMtag style.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Finally, you need to "map" the Mstyle to the correct BIMdata type. Simply open the mapping file _TagTypeToStyle.csv, located in the same folder. Connect BIM_MEMBER to logo at the end of the document to map the file to the BIM information.
    Tip: You can edit this document in notepad.

  6. Now BricsCAD will automatically assign this BIMtag to any BIM member elements on the drawing.

Tuesday Tips - BIMtags- custom-tags-1024x603

These BIMtags were automatically assigned to all members using the "auto" function. The scale is fully customizable.

WARNING: Do not change the source files unless you are well experienced. Changes to the App files may result in the corruption of BricsCAD and may require reinstallation. Bricsys takes no responsibility for this.

Try it for yourself

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