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Quick Select - Tuesday Tips

By Rose Barfield 3 min June 15, 2020
Quick Select - Tuesday Tips

Did you know that you can use smart filters to compose a selection set in BricsCAD®? Use Quick Select to locate entities, based on properties, quickly and efficiently.

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What is Quick Select in BricsCAD?

Use Quick Select to filter entities by property; entity type, color, line type, layer, length, etc. It's really handy for say, locating 0 length lines, finding exploded blocks or selecting all entities with the same material.

Quick Select - Tuesday Tips- quick select. 2gif

Using Quick Select in BricsCAD

Use Quick Select to search the entire drawing or to search only a select set of entities.

Once you have specified your filter, you can choose to select all matching entities. If you already have entities selected you can choose to add the matching entities to the current selection or remove them from the current selection.

Use smart filters to compose a selection set

Quick Select allows you to filter entities by their properties; entity type, color, line type, etc. You can then create a "selection set" based on these properties.

Start Quick Select

In BricsCAD the Quick Select tool is integrated into the Properties panel. Click the Quick Select button (it looks like a filter) to switch between Properties mode and Quick Select mode.

Quick Select - Tuesday Tips- switch properties

Apply a filter

To filter by entity type, click the Selection List button. A drop-down list of all the entity types in the current drawing (or the current selection set) will display. The number of each entity type is also displayed in parentheses. Select an entity type from the list to apply the filter.

Quick Select - Tuesday Tips- drop down

Using the panel boxes, you can also filter on criteria such as layer, color and length.

Quick Select Modes

Once you have applied the filter, you can choose to add the filtered entities to the current selection set, remove the matching entities from the current selection or create a new selection set.

Quick Select - Tuesday Tips- add toSelection

Adding matching, filtered entities to a selection set.

Note: The panel does not open when the drawing contains no entities or all layers are frozen.

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