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Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons

By Rose Barfield 4 min September 9, 2019
Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons

With BricsCAD Mechanical you can automatically annotate drawings with just a click, create custom leader lines, and add them to your library to use again and again!

How do I create custom callouts in BricsCAD?

Create custom leader lines and balloons using the MLEADERSTYLE command and the Drawing Explorer.

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  1. Begin by drawing the new balloon shape you require. For this example, I am using a star.
  2. Create a callout using the BMBALLOON command.
  3. EXPLODE the callout.
  4. Move the 'NUMBER' text block into position.Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 4 move-e1567420503231-1024x576
  5. Create a block and give it a sensible name, for this example ,I have named it 'star'. Select the objects you wish to be included in the new balloon shape. For this example, I will be using the star shape and the number text.
  6. Specify an insertion point and select the items to be included within the new balloon style.Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 5 block-585x420
  7. Use the MLEADERSTYLE command and navigate to the drawing explorer.
  8. Create a new multileader style by selecting new (the yellow + icon).Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 6 mleader-768x559
  9. Give it a sensible name. In this example, I am naming it 'star'.
  10. Choose your leader line style. Under the content tab -- Content type, select 'Block'.Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 9 block-768x560
  11. Change the 'Source block option to the newly create a block, in this case 'star'.Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 10 star-768x561
  12. Change any other settings as required.
  13. Now select the Mleader(s) that you wish to alter.
  14. Under the properties panel you will now have the option to change the leader line style to the newly created callout type.Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- 12 properties

Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- star callouts-e1567420772850-1024x578

Adding custom balloons to the library

Tuesday Tips - Callouts, leader lines & balloons- BalloonStyles-1024x446

BricsCAD has 8 standard balloon styles in the Library folder, but you can create your own.

To create a new callout style that you can use in more than one drawing repeat these actions in the _BalloonStsyles.dwg file, located in the Support folder:


Tip: you can also type SUPPORTFOLDER in BricsCAD to open the support folder directly.

WARNING: Do not change the source files unless you are well experienced. Changes to the App files may result in the corruption of BricsCAD and may require reinstallation. Bricsys takes no responsibility for this.

Customize your own leader lines

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