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Bricsys has been developing BricsCAD since 2002. Today, we have offices all over the world. We also partnered in over 80 countries and welcomed more than 1,200 registered application developers.

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The Bricsys timeline

Bricsys has been developing BricsCAD since 2002. For the last two decades, our singular focus has been building cost-effective, mission-critical CAD tools. Now as a part of the global technology giant Hexagon AB, we are reinforcing our commitment to take your design workflows to the next level.

blue-dot-timeline 2002: Bricsys founded
grey-dot-timeline 2004 Bricsys 24/7 released (first known as Vondle)
blue-dot-timeline 2005: BricsCAD V1 released
grey-dot-timeline 2006: BricsCAD source code refactoring starts
grey-dot-timeline 2007: The BricsCAD Run-time Extension (BRX) API is launched
grey-dot-timeline 2009: Release of the first commercial application built on BRX
grey-dot-timeline 2010: BricsCAD® releases on the Open Design Alliance platform
blue-dot-timeline 2010: BricsCAD for Linux first release
blue-dot-timeline 2010: Bricsys introduces 3D parametric solids modeling
grey-dot-timeline 2011: The BricsCAD Application Catalog surpasses 100 applications
grey-dot-timeline 2012: BricsCAD introduces our .NET API
grey-dot-timeline 2013: BricsCAD Communicator first customer ship
blue-dot-timeline 2014: BricsCAD for Mac is available
blue-dot-timeline 2015: BricsCAD includes Sheet Metal design tools
blue-dot-timeline 2015: BricsCAD introduces our BIM functionality
blue-dot-timeline 2016: Bricsys joins BuildingSMART International
grey-dot-timeline 2017 Intergraph® CADWorx® Plant 2017 released on BricsCAD®
blue-dot-timeline 2018: Bricsys becomes a part of Hexagon AB
blue-dot-timeline 2018: BricsCAD Shape is introduced to an adoring public
blue-dot-timeline 2019: BricCAD V20 is released
blue-dot-timeline 2019: HOK, Leica Geosystems and Bricsys Announce "Scan-to-BIM" Initiative
blue-dot-timeline 2020: Bricsys opens offices in Asia and USA

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Our global offices

Bricsys has offices all over the world. Get in touch with us!

Headquarters Belgium
Bellevue 5/201
9050 Ghent
+32 9 244 01 90

APAC (Singapore)
8 Kallang Avenue #13-6
Singapore 339509
+65 6715 8501

+1 833 BRICSYS

This is Bricsys

Bricsys, part of Hexagon, is the global technology company that creates the BricsCAD® family of computer aided design products and the Bricsys 24/7 project collaboration platform.


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