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Win €1000 - Bricsys Stay Connected Student Design Challenge 2021 - #BricsysStayConnected 

Win €1000 - Bricsys Stay Connected Student Design Challenge 2021 - #BricsysStayConnected 

Student designers, artists, architects, engineers, academics, and visionaries -- we've got a challenge for you! Enter Bricsys' Student Design Competition 2021 and design something that enables people to stay connected without touch!

The Bricsys Stay Connected Student Challenge 2021 encourages current students and recent graduates to develop and demonstrate designs for a changing world, using STEM and of course, BricsCAD

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Design something that helps people stay connected without touch...
Submit your design and you could win €1000 and a prototype of your design. The competition closes at 11pm (UTC) on April 16, 2021. First, second and third place will be announced on April 30, 2021.

The Brief

Recent developments have meant that it's not always possible to see people face to face, and when we do, social distancing rules must be respected. This is driving new innovations and behaviors such as telepresence robots that make Skype calls more interactive, plastic sheeting through so you can hug your grandma and virtual Zoom drinks. 

The Bricsys Stay Connected Student Competition invites you to design your own innovative solution to help people stay in touch, without touch. What this means is up to you. Do you have an idea for a public transport design or medical device? Or something much simpler such as a social--distancing stick or virtual greeting?

The choice is yours, so go ahead and release your creative problem-solving genius to explore the possibilities!

Win €1000 - Bricsys Stay Connected Student Design Challenge 2021 - -BricsysStayConnected - Mask-Group-e1613552030313

Could a sterile booth be the design that wins the Bricsys student design competition?

Judging criteria

#1 BricsCAD model quality

Showcase your BricsCAD skills. The tidier, cleaner, and the more precise the model, the better! Extra points will be awarded to entrants who create models without gaps, misalignments, and incorrect connections.  

#2 Originality

We are looking for ingenious, inventive, and unique designs. Have you got a new idea that could revolutionize how we stay connected?

#3 Complete concept

Please submit complete design concepts covering usability, sustainability, mental and physical wellbeing, and social impact. Think about who is using your design and why. 

Win €1000 - Bricsys Stay Connected Student Design Challenge 2021 - -BricsysStayConnected - robot-800x437

Could a robot nurse help patients stay connected?

Getting started

Bricsys offers a free BricsCAD academic license to students. In addition, anyone can also try BricsCAD free of charge by downloading a 30-day trial version.  

If you are familiar with other CAD platforms, it should only take you thirty minutes to familiarize yourself with BricsCAD. If you need any help, be sure to check out our tutorials on YouTube or Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you start creating your design.

  • What materials are you using?
  • How will it be manufactured?
  • Can others use a design template and make it themselves or will it need to be manufactured in a factory?
  • Is it disposable or reusable?
  • What is the ecological impact?
  • How can you design out user error?
  • How expensive will it be?
  • Who are you designing for? Adults, elderly people, children, medical staff? Can you make sure that the technology isn't too complicated or too fiddly for small or arthritic hands?


Win €1000 - Bricsys Stay Connected Student Design Challenge 2021 - -BricsysStayConnected - Mask-Group-1-1-e1613552091161

Maybe there is a way to improve the design of face masks?

Entry requirements

  • This competition is open to students who are currently studying or who have completed their studies in 2020. Parental approval to enter is required for anyone under the age of 18.  
  • You can enter your design as a single person or as a team. The prize will remain the same whether an individual or team wins the competition. 
  • The design model must be created in BricsCAD.

Submission requirements

Enter by filling in this form and submitting the following: 

  • 1 .dwg file  
  • Approx. 500 words to explain your design idea
  • Any images if relevant (optional)


Competition closes at 11pm (UTC) on 16th April 2021

First, second and third place will be announced on 30th April 2021

The prizes

All finalists will feature on Bricsys' social media channels and the winner will be interviewed for the Bricsys Blog. 

  • First prize: €1,000 and a prototype model of your design. Exact product methods will depend on the size and complexity of the model. 
  • Second prize: SpaceMouse Pro (worth €300).  
  • Third prize: Spacemouse Wireless Connexion (worth €150).


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