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BricsCAD Pro and Lite V22

With V22, we've further evolved the unique approaches BricsCAD offers, ensuring the product is even more innovative but robust, providing additional intelligent AI-powered tools, and further increasing design flexibility, all whilst continuing to enhance our famous legacy CAD compatibility. 

For our core Pro and Lite products, we've specifically focused on five key improvement areas with V22:

Strengthened core:

Firstly, we've put a whole lot of effort into increasing robustness and stability, to provide you with the most solid, reliable base for your design work. We've adopted new approaches, such as the introduction of three pre-release versions to get more hands and eyes on new versions of BricsCAD before it comes to you. We've been making continuous improvements to BricsCAD's core in areas such as large model handling and maintaining the fidelity of design data, particularly when working with multiple CAD formats. Strengthening the core isn't just about greater stability, but it's also about features working exactly in the way you'd expect them to, giving you the confidence to take your designs further, faster. 


Enhanced performance:

Secondly, we've also placed a strong focus in V22 on increased speed and efficiency to help you get results even more rapidly. We've implemented multi-threaded file loading in V22, to speed the loading of multiple drawings. After all, you have a multi-core processor in your PC, so why not take advantage of it? We've alsoincreased the speed of 3D direct modeling, and improved BricsCAD's overall graphics performance, using retained graphics wherever possible to give you better access to complex drawings. Other performance improvements have also been made in areas such as command unification, point cloud processing, and BricsCAD's text editor. There are scores of other improvements and enhancements to BricsCAD, some small, some large, but, overall, V22 is simply a more efficient way to capture and document your design data!


Greater legacy CAD capability:

We've always been known for our compatibility with legacy DWG-based CAD products. Our customers constantly tell us how easy it is to move to BricsCAD and incorporate it into their design workflows. In V22, we've made it even greater in this area. We've increased the efficiency in areas such as how we manage Dynamic Blocks, and we've implemented new tools, including Express productivity features you may know, like Blockreplace and Blocktoxref. BricsCAD's compatibility with complex, composite drawing elements, such as Mleaders and Mtext, has also improved dramatically, with much greater alignment with those found within your legacy DWG design tools. A new 'standards checking' toolkit, to assist with data migration, and a superior alternative to the legacy Align command, called 'Arrange', have also been introduced. With V22, we provide even closer parity with legacy CAD products, while delivering the innovations that you want in your design software.


Even more intelligent data optimization:

A really unique aspect of BricsCAD is our intelligent AI-powered features, which automate repetitive tasks and enable better re-use of design data. In V22 we've built on this, with a focus on using AI to optimize both 2D and 3D data. We've expanded our capabilities greatly in areas such as polyline optimization, duplicate geometry clean-up, Blockify, and Copy and Move Guided, which can now be applied to 3D geometry as well as 2D. Our powerful and exciting Parametric Block capability has also really come of age in V22, providing you with the ability to reuse geometry in an intelligent and adaptable way. Improvements to our intelligent tools in V22 enable them to address a much wider set of use cases, leading to more task automation and increased productivity.


Increased openness:

And finally, we've strengthened BricsCAD Pro as the engine behind our design platform and our wide-ranging ecosystem of partner products. With powerful C++ and .NET APIs, BricsCAD is highly compatible with the APIs of the legacy DWG-based product, allowing users to create applications, and application developer partners to build fast and effective tools. In V22, we've made substantial enhancements and updates, allowing partners to build even better products based on BricsCAD. New methods and enhancements to our .NET API, additional BRX classes, big performance improvements for LISP, and enhancements to our BLADE LISP editor, are just some of the key new additions to BricsCAD's powerful programming interfaces. 


With every new release of BricsCAD, we continue to rapidly evolve our core Pro and Lite 2D and 3D design platform. V22 is no exception. We've focused not only on bringing you greater levels of efficient, intelligent capabilities but also on providing you with an even stronger, better performing, more compatible design solution. 

To find out more about the specific enhancements and new features in BricsCAD for V22, including in wider aspects of the product, such as 3D variational modeling and point cloud processing, take a look at our 'What's New' pages for BricsCAD Lite and BricsCAD Pro.

6 grudnia 2022 6 min

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