7 Home Office Design Ideas for Improved Productivity

Przez Matt Lee 4 min 1 czerwca 2020
7 Home Office Design Ideas for Improved Productivity

Getting the perfect work from home setup can be a challenge. There's no shortage of distractions and obstacles to overcome. However, more of the workforce is working remotely than ever before. Many first-time remote workers are asking themselves, "How can I be productive in this environment?"

Anyone who has worked from home for a while will tell you that it isn't easy at first. Like all changes, working from your home office takes a bit of a transition period. So, it's important to give yourself time to adapt,

However, there are some design modifications you can make to your home office to help speed up the process and make the transition much more seamless.

These seven home office design ideas are sure to give you the ideal work from home setup and improve your productivity.

1: Designate a Space

If you're trying to work from your living room or bedroom, you're already set up to fail. When you don't have a space designated for working, it can be too easy to get distracted or pulled away from work. If you don't have a spare room in your house to serve as your home office, use decorative screens or room dividers to section off an area that's exclusively for work hours.

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2: Declutter

Clutter may have worked for Einstein, but clutter is a notorious productivity killer. Take time to eliminate any standing clutter in your office space. Get a filing cabinet for your papers, clear off your desk, and get rid of anything on the shelves that you don't use regularly. Minimize your office down to the things that you need to do your work, and get rid of everything else.

3: Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Don't add more work to your workday by choosing fussy materials. While a marble floor might look nice, it will be a pain to maintain on a regular basis. The key to designing your home office is to choose furniture and materials that require minimal upkeep. Swap out your wooden desk for a white solid surface desk. If you have carpet, keep the office open so that vacuuming is easier. Make smart switches to make daily cleaning as low-stress as possible.

4: Incorporate Nature

Plants and sunlight are natural mood boosters, and they've also been shown to help boost productivity. If you have a window in your office, get rid of the curtains and let the light shine through. Select a few low-maintenance plants, like succulents or ferns, to add some greenery.

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5: Put Comfort First

If you're uncomfortable, your work will undoubtedly suffer. Design your office to maximize your comfort. Choose an ergonomic chair. Make sure your desk height is an optimal height for you. Keep the temperatures comfortable. If there's any part of your home office design that causes you discomfort or distracts you from your daily workflow, adjust it to fit your needs.

6: Add Useful Distraction Areas

Very few people can sit in front of a desk for eight hours straight and not have a mental break. The problem with working at your house is that when you step out of your office, you have tons of distractions to fight off, like Netflix, family members, or tasks around the house. Instead, add an area to your office that has some useful distractions for those times you need a mental break. You can include things like books, a Rubik's cube, hand weights, mind puzzles, a yoga mat, and more.

7: Use the Color Blue

Did you know that the color blue can increase your focus and make you feel calm? Try incorporating hues of blue into your home office design. You can paint the walls blue, decorate with blue, or simply add a blue accent wall to capitalize on blue's calming effects.

The Ideal Work from Home Setup for Productivity

These seven ideas are surefire ways to help you with the perfect work from home setup for optimal productivity. Remember, your home office is yours. So, feel free to take what works and leave what doesn't. Custom-tailoring your space around your needs is one of the most significant advantages of working from home.

Whether you're working from home temporarily or making the switch for good, these ideas are sure to help you start increasing your productivity from home. Who knows? After some upgrades, you might find that you're more productive in your home office than you were at your regular office.

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