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5 Tips To Get More Clients As A Freelancer (CAD Drafter)

5 Tips To Get More Clients As A Freelancer (CAD Drafter)

For some people, having a steady 40 hours a week kind of job is comforting and easy to handle but for quite a few, being your own boss and handling your clients is far more tempting. CAD drafting is one of the many careers through which you can go freelance.

The only problem that normally arises is finding the right clients to work with. Starting a freelance business of your own takes hard work but the rewards you reap are often far more rewarding than they would be had you taken a job at someone else's company.

The great part about being a CAD drafter freelancer (compared to other freelancers) is that your skillset is in short supply. So, finding clients is not as hard as you think if you know where to look and what to do. That is where these techniques and tips come in.

Here are 5 digital marketing tips to get more clients as a freelance CAD Drafter so that you can start making money online today-

#1 Know where to look

Finding clients as a freelancer can be tough but thankfully we do not need to imagine what a world without technology would look like because there are plenty of job boards to help you land your first client.

A lot of websites and job boards act as the middleman between you and the client of your dreams. Knowing which ones to sign up for and which ones to skip is a crucial first step if you want to find the best rates.

These are some of the best options to start off with:


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CadCrowd is probably one of the only few freelance job boards dedicated to the CAD community in specific so it is where you will find the best jobs as well as the most targeted jobs.

You can take on projects through the platform and clients can approve you based on your portfolio.

CadCrowd also has design contests to help qualify the best freelancers on their website. This way if you truly are good at what you do, the platform will help you stand out and get the best clients.


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PeoplePerHour is a freelance job board platform for freelancers from multiple industries so you will have to filter the jobs down to your preferences. Overall, it is a pretty trustworthy platform that lets you bid on projects, find great clients, and make money as a freelancer.

Each freelancer's application to join the platform is reviewed by the team so there is a standard that is upheld as well. This means projects are legit, well-paid, and worth your time.


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Much like PeoplePerHour, Indeed too has freelance jobs available for people from tons of different industries as well as having in-office jobs as well so finding CAD drafter jobs would need some filtering down.

Since the job board is widely used, there is normally always something or the other worth applying to. You will either be asked to apply through Indeed or by visiting the company's website depending on employer preference.


Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with a section for jobs.

This makes it one of the last options on my list because the possibility of finding a good job to apply for is slim. On the other hand, if you are running out of luck on the other websites, it is worth a quick look.

#2 Ask for references

The biggest missed opportunity for any freelancer is not capitalizing on the clients you already have. Instead of simply focusing on the project at hand, always think of ways in which you can get as much as possible from the opportunity presented.

At the end of a project, make sure you ask your client whether they know anyone else that needs help with CAD drafting or even just keep their information on file so you can email them a few months later asking if they need any more help.

This is a good way to create relationships within the industry and grow your brand as a freelancer.

#3 Build a website

Speaking of building your brand as a freelancer, consider creating an awesome website to go along with it. All you need is a great web hosting service and limited tech knowledge- your site could be up and running in a week.

You can use this website to look more professional, attract more clients, and display your portfolio. Rather than using other third party websites that will normally take a cut from each client you work with, create a website of your own to attract potential clients.

A lot of freelancers from different industries build websites to showcase what they have to offer by adding testimonials, great landing pages, previous work, and an about page. All of this helps convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the job.

Elan Cain, a freelance writer and blogger, has a website dedicated to offering her services as a freelancer and it is what helps her bring in a good amount of her clients.

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Creating a website for your services will also allow you to incorporate multi-channel customer service into your business strategy. You could include a chat box on your website that customers could use to reach you, an email they could send business proposition information to, and even your social media channels all in one place.

This means that a potential client has multiple different ways of getting in touch with you and can pick what they are most comfortable with.

#4 Create package options for your services

As a CAD drafter, there are certain services you will be asked for repeatedly. Creating packages that club your most frequently asked for services together can convince a potential employer to hire you for more work than they were planning on.

A great example of this tip in action is what Grayson from imarkinteractive does with his WordPress services. He clubs certain services together to form packages and even offers customers monthly plans that give him constant recurring business.

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This is a great way to streamline the payment process and also increase your monthly revenue. A simple discount on multiple services or monthly plans may be enough to convince a client to invest in you long-term which will help you grow your online business.

#5 Consider creating a blog

Having an awesome website will only be helpful if you can get people to visit the website. Every SEO guru will tell you blogs are the best way to get new eyeballs on your site.

Targeting the right keywords and constantly creating amazing new content can help bring in potential clients and you may even be able to monetize your blog down the line.

Preply, a language learning service, uses their blog to bring in clients and reach potential customers that might be interested in their services. They do this by targeting the right keywords, creating posts on topics that their ideal customer is likely to search for, and posting as frequently as possible.

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It is extremely important to focus on content that your potential client is likely searching for. This means that instead of writing an article titled '7 Ways to Bring in New CAD Drafter Clients' (targeted towards CAD Drafters), you should be writing an article titled 'How to Find the Best Freelance CAD Drafters' (targeted towards people hiring freelancers).

Your goal should be to get potential clients to read an article on your website. You can then add a Call To Action at the bottom of your post that will lead the reader to your landing page that talks about all of the services you offer.

Having a blog also increases the likelihood of your website being shared on social media by pages with large followings which will let you enjoy the benefits of influencer marketing. This would mean the domain authority of your blog will increase and you are more likely to be on top of the search results for the keywords you want to rank for.

Wrapping it up

As working from home becomes more common, the competition is only increasing so differentiating yourself is getting more important. Whether you do that by creating an amazing website or offering great packages, the key is to always be focusing on building a brand for yourself.

Freelancing as a CAD drafter can be a highly profitable career line or even just a way to make some extra cash on the side. Following these simple digital marketing tips should help you land your first client and set the foundation for more.

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