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Efficient 2D and 3D capabilities allow for quick layout and retooling of manufacturing facilities, as well as reworking of drawings for production. BricsCAD combines a familiar environment, low cost, and a highly productive tool set.

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Preparing designs for manufacture

Preparing designs for manufacture

Create detailed manufacturing drawings from 2D and 3D data quickly and easily, regardless of format. Instantly convert upstream 3D models to flat sheet metal drawings.

Tooling and fixture design

Tooling and fixture design

Quickly create accurate 2D and 3D tooling and fixture layouts around the product design. Easily design custom components, incorporate parts from suppliers in any format, or choose from standard part libraries.

Production layout & retooling

Production layout & retooling

Efficiently optimize the layout of your new production facility, or retool your existing one, in 2D or 3D, using efficient and intelligent design tools which make equipment placement and modification simple.

Complete assembly line design at Mazda

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BricsCAD gives us an overview of the whole design process of our assembly lines. It’s a software that has no flaws and at the same time, it is very economical.


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