BricsCAD provides engineers with a CAD alternative, open to industry-specific partner applications for capturing and documenting 2D and 3D designs faster. Our solution offers all the familiar CAD features and innovative tools for higher productivity at a lower cost.

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Capture and document your designs in 2D - thumbnail

Capture and document your designs in 2D

Take your new designs from concept to 2D drawings faster or open DWG files from stakeholders seamlessly to add more detail. Enjoy higher productivity and a wide range of partner applications for specific industries.

High detail and accuracy for 3D designs -​ thumbnail

High detail and accuracy for 3D designs

Engineers can seamlessly import design geometry in SKP or a BIM in IFC and RVT formats and enjoy the powerful BricsCAD modeling tools and AI features for detailing those designs with extreme accuracy for construction or fabrication.

MEP Engineering

MEP engineering

BricsCAD BIM supports modeling mechanical services with intuitive modeling tools. Together with the AX3000 extension, it is a comprehensive software suite for building services engineering, energy systems engineering and virtual reality solutions.

Grading and volume calculations

Grading and volume calculations

Import a TIN surface and create a graded surface, as well as calculating cut and fill.


The smoothest transition ever

The team at Ecophos moved from legacy CAD to BricsCAD so quickly that Mechanical Engineer Dario Pibiri says, “it’s like we never changed our CAD platform.”


Intuitive tools, better drawing management


Using BricsCAD, I noticed more immediate operations in the management of a drawing compared to competitors, for example, the MANIPULATE command. This allows you to quickly modify any entity or object within your drawing from a 360° perspective.

Mr. Davide Vinci, 3D Model Engineer, and Data Management/Senior Piping Specialist at Ponterosso Comart

testimonial-corner-lineIntuitive tools, better drawing management

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Download BricsCAD Pro

The BricsCAD installer includes all features of Shape, Lite, Pro, BIM, and Mechanical. After the 30-days trial, you can keep using BricsCAD Shape for free.

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