Migrating to BricsCAD®

Migrating to BricsCAD® is simple! In the posts below, you will find walk throughs on BricsCAD migration, tips and best practice for CAD and IT administrators who want to install BricsCAD in the easiest manner possible.

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AutoCAD® to BricsCAD Migration Guide

Migrating to BricsCAD® has never been easier. In this guide, you’ll learn how to transition from AutoCAD® quickly and painlessly.

BricsCAD Licensing Guide

Discover the BricsCAD Licensing options and learn how to install Standalone and Network BricsCAD licenses.

BricsCAD Quick Start Guide

Get started with BricsCAD and introduce new users to the familiar and unique features, facilitating a smooth transition.

Parametric Blocks Explained

Discover how Parametric Blocks can enhance your
workflows with this user guide.


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