Bricsys Beta Tester Program

  • Be the first to try new features before public release
  • Take the opportunity to make BricsCAD or Bricsys 24/7 work the way you need
  • Get exclusive tips and insights directly from the makers of BricsCAD and Bricsys 24/7
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Bricsys® Beta Tester Program?

Click on “Join the program” and complete the form.

What is the Bricsys® Beta Tester Program?

The Bricsys Beta Tester Program allows Beta Testers (users of BricsCAD) to test new features before general release.

What is BricsCAD® beta?

A beta is a feature-complete version of BricsCAD we provide to our Beta Testers before a major release. We gather the Beta Testers' feedback on the usability of the product. Beta versions contain experimental features so often have bugs. That's why we need users like you!

What are the requirements to become a BricsCAD® Beta Tester?

BricsCAD® Beta Testers need to have a computer with the minimal specifications to run BricsCAD®, and internet connection. Experience using BricsCAD® is also a must.

As a BricsCAD® Beta Tester, what should I do?

When a beta is released, we will send you a download link. You will also receive a questionnaire to guide you on the things we’d like you to test, such as new commands or panels. There will also be a second questionnaire to complete. You are also free to explore the beta version and try out what interests you.

How often is a BricsCAD® beta released?

Currently, we run beta testing in two waves. The first betas are released during the summer before the main release. The second is released in the spring before the maintenance release. The exact timing depends on the release dates.

How do I know when there is a beta available to test?

When you sign up to the Beta Tester Program, you will receive an email detailing how to download the beta version and other instructions on how to test it.

Am I allowed to use the BricsCAD® beta for commercial work?

You may not use the beta for commercial work. Sometimes we add experimental functions and features to the beta which may not be included in the final release. This can cause BricsCAD® to behave in an unexpected way, including crashes. We wouldn’t want you to lose your work.

What do I do if I find a bug?

You should send a support request, making it clear that you are using the beta version. Guidelines on how to send a good support request.

I have an idea, suggestion or complaint about the beta, what do I do?

You should send a support request, making it clear that you are using the beta version. Guidelines on how to send a good support request.

What platforms are the betas released on?

The betas are released on Windows, Mac and Linux.

I don’t own a BricsCAD® License, can I still sign up?

Yes, no problem. Click on “Join the program” and complete the form.

My CAD level is low, can I still sign up for Beta Program?

Yes, we invite people with all levels and backgrounds to become a Bricsys Beta Tester.

Can I share my ideas about the beta with other people?

The beta contains new features which are not yet public (and may never become public). You are not allowed to share any information about the beta with anyone outside of Bricsys®, unless they are also participating in the Beta Tester Program.