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Byucksan Engineering achieves cost savings and enhanced productivity with BricsCAD® Pro

Byucksan Engineering is a leading engineering company in Korea with over 40 years of experience. Their use of BricsCAD® Pro, a powerful and affordable CAD software, has improved their productivity and reduced operating costs.

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Byucksan Engineering, established in 1979, is a leading engineering company in Korea with 50 perpetual BricsCAD® Pro licenses used across the business. The company has a strong track record of delivering complex projects in a variety of industries, including plant, power plant, environment, road, water supply and sewage, urban railway and electric power, and housing & construction.

Byucksan Engineering's ethos is centered around pride in Korea's engineering technology industry. The company invests heavily in research and development and constantly innovates to stay ahead of the competition. Byucksan Engineering is also a leader in social responsibility and is committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.

We spoke with Choi Seong-gil from the Byucksan Engineering Piping Team about using BricsCAD Pro. Seong-gil detailed how BricsCAD® has helped the company to improve its productivity and reduce its costs.

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The Challenge

Byucksan Engineering used its previous CAD software for over 20 years. However, due to their supplier changing their license agreement alongside the evolving needs of their CAD users, they began to look for an alternative better suited to their needs.

The company considered many factors while searching for an alternative CAD solution, including stability, performance, license policy, and price. BricsCAD proved a workable option on all fronts, so Byucksan opted for a trial version of BricsCAD to test drive the functionality and user interface.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation and testing throughout the trial period, Byucksan Engineering found that BricsCAD was indeed a viable alternative to their existing CAD software for the following reasons: 

Productivity and drawing optimization features:  BricsCAD includes productivity functions and drawing optimization functions that were not in their existing CAD software. These functions helped to automate tasks and improve the efficiency of their design workflow.  

Performance:  BricsCAD provided the same stability as Byucksan Engineering's existing CAD software and was even faster when opening or saving large-capacity drawings. This improved the performance of their CAD applications and allowed them to complete their projects more quickly.

Customizability: BricsCAD has a free API and its own CAD engine, making it perfect for future CAD-based in-house program development. This has allowed Byucksan Engineering to customize BricsCAD to meet their evolving business needs.  
Compatibility: BricsCAD is compatible with a wide range of other software applications, making it easy to integrate into Byucksan Engineering's existing workflows and with other third-party apps that the company relies upon.

Cost-effectiveness:  BricsCAD offers reasonable pricing and flexible licensing policies, which helped Byucksan Engineering to reduce its initial CAD purchase and ongoing operating costs. 

Ultimately, BricsCAD proved to be an excellent choice for Byucksan Engineering as it could replace their existing CAD product while maintaining their existing workflows.

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Notably, the company has found great advantage in BricsCAD's wide range of third-party applications, of which there is something to suit almost any requirement.

“There was a CAD-based 3rd party app that I had to use, and I was impressed that BricsCAD was perfectly compatible”.

The flexibility of a network license was a huge plus for Byucksan, reducing their CAD operating costs significantly. A stark contrast to their previous CAD license costs, which were required to be maintained on an annual basis. The flexibility of BricsCAD really comes to the fore when, as is often the case, project requirements change. Seong-gil comments: 

“Even when additional licenses are needed, such as staffing or new projects, (with BricsCAD) additional licenses can be reasonably purchased based on the number of concurrent users”.

Across the board, Byucksan’s teams have been able to reap the benefits of implementing BricsCAD solutions, with Seong-gil remarking:  

“The feeling of BricsCAD is that it is flawless and a very cost-saving software”.

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