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New in 24/7 - Major and Minor Revisions

New in 24/7 - Major and Minor Revisions

Enhance document versioning with major / minor revisions

Bricsys 24/7 has just received a major update. Major and minor revisions is just one of the powerful new tools now available to Bricsys 24/7 users. This new functionality allows you to easily follow the progress of a document from beginning to end.


Having major and minor version revision options comes in extremely handy for those who are seeking a way of tracking the various stages a document goes through. Major versions relate to each milestone a document reaches. These milestones can represent anything and can be defined by you to suit your company's individual needs.

A typical example could be:

Major version A: Internal review
Major version B: Customer review
Major version C: Engineering & Contractor review
Major version D: Construction phase
Major version E: As built

Major / Minor setting

Administrators can enable major / minor versioning in Administration > Settings > Document settings.

New in 247 - Major and Minor Revisions- bricsys-247-enable-major-minor

After enabling this setting, an extra revisions dropdown is shown. The dropdown on the left is the major version and the dropdown on the right becomes the minor version. Once this setting has been saved for the project, you are able to promote revisions to the next major version.

Promote major version

To level up the last revision of the document to the new major version, simply select promote major version from the action menu.

New in 247 - Major and Minor Revisions- bricsys-247-enable-major-minor-action


If you want to automate the promotion of a major version you can create a workflow activity that promotes the last revision of a document to a major version.

New in 247 - Major and Minor Revisions- workflow-promote-major-version

Workflow example

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