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6 декември 2022 г. 6 min

Bricsys Digital Summit: Bricsys® 24/7: the Design-to-Construction CDE Cloud for Real-Time Data-Exchange in AEC

In this blog, we review the Bricsys 24/7 session from the Digital Summit, looking at our Common Data Environment (CDE) for construction. The session delved into how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies can overcome these challenges with Bricsys 24/7, a platform designed to remove repetition through automation for design-to-construction projects.

28 юли 2022 г. 5 min

Data Challenges and Collaboration in Construction Projects

Real-time access to project data on a construction site can be the difference between a job finishing on-time and on-budget or running over. To streamline their workflows, construction professionals are increasingly turning to technology for innovative ways to improve collaboration, enhance communication and reduce error.

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