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5 reasons to join the 'BricsCAD Essentials' course

By Kelsey Grant 5 min 22 juni 2022
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Have you recently downloaded BricsCAD and are wondering how to get started with your first project? Moving over from another CAD and want to refresh your memory and get to grips with a great new software? The BricsCAD Essentials course will have you up and running and at full productivity quickly and simply!

Our team of BricsCAD technical experts have put together a fantastic course that provides a solid introduction to BricsCAD’s key features and basic concepts. You’ll learn how to navigate the interface, explore some of BricsCAD’s unique tools, and we’ll walk you through step-by-step workflows for 2D drafting and 3D modelling.

Still not convinced that the BricsCAD Essentials course is for you? Read on to explore a few more of the benefits and to see some sneak peaks of the handy tips and tricks you can learn along the way.

1. It’s free and accessible.

The BricsCAD Essentials course is free! Just sign up with an email address and you will gain access to a whole host of handy tips, tricks, and technical resources to make your journey with BricsCAD a smooth and productive one, right from the get-go.

Not only do you get all of this, but the course is accessible and self-paced. Giving you control over your learning and allowing you the convenience to jump in and out of the lessons as you need. There are closed captions on all of our course videos, so if you are one of our non-English speaking community members, you can select a language that suits you and begin your journey with BricsCAD without delay.

Plus, you’re not only getting access to a bank of video content. Our technical experts have prepared a set of downloadable drawing files for you to work with alongside the Essentials course. We know that your learning style is as unique as you are, so this combination of practical exercises and video tutorials really helps to solidify your learning and get you to productivity fast.

2. You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to use BricsCAD.

We pride ourselves on making BricsCAD intuitive, easy and fast to achieve productivity, and the Essentials course really shows you just how easy it can be to use BricsCAD.

After one short introduction video, explaining how the courses work, and how you can make the most of them and the platform to tailor your learning, you’ll quickly dive into practical lessons on the unique BricsCAD workspace, the Quad Cursor, the Drawing Explorer, and many more key features.

However, if you are ever faced with an issue that isn’t covered in the training videos, or indeed you stumble across an issue that you can’t resolve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team who will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently. Similarly, you can head to the Bricsys Help Center and find answers to your questions, alongside release notes and installation advice.

3. 2D drafting basics.

If 2D drafting is your design style of choice, BricsCAD is the tool for you. BricsCAD is built entirely on the industry standard .dwg format, with full command, script, macro and menu compatibility. More than that, BricsCAD feels like home if you have had any experience with CAD software in the past. You’ll be up-to-speed and working productively in no time at all!

The Basic 2D Drafting section of the Essentials course covers everything you need to know to get going on your 2D designs:

• Working with drawing files
• Entity snaps and tracking
• Working with blocks
• Working with Manipulator
• A 2D drafting workflow

4. Get to grips with 3D modeling.

If you are looking to get started with 3D modelling, then look no further than the BricsCAD Essentials course! Our experts have broken down the sometimes-overwhelming subject of 3D into 4 bitesize videos, including a 3D modelling workflow that you can follow along with:

• Viewing and navigating in 3D
• Selection modes
• Using the Manipulator in 3D
• A 3D modelling workflow

Bricsys’ unique approach to 3D design combines the best of unconstrained direct modeling and parametric design worlds. You’ll be free to express your creativity at the early design stage through dynamic direct modelling, interactively manipulating solid and surface geometry as you move your mouse. As the design evolves alongside your skill set, you can add more dimensional control, or even fully parameterise the design, automatically, and all without the complexity imposed by a history-based approach.

Once you’ve completed the 3D modeling training videos, you’ll be ready to get started with your very own 3D design projects. If there is something that you would like to see again, or to explore in more detail, you can always head back to the on-demand video and re-watch any key moments. Or you could explore the other free training courses we have to offer in the Bricsys course library.

5. Once you’ve mastered the essentials, there’ll be no stopping you.

Upon completing the BricsCAD Essentials course, you’ll step away with a whole variety of new skills and an understanding of how to use BricsCAD for your unique projects. But, the fun doesn’t stop there! We have a great selection of further training courses that will expand on what you already know, and delve into areas such as BIM, Mechanical, and moving from AutoCAD® to BricsCAD.

There really is something for everyone in the course library, and we’re excited to see where you can go with BricsCAD! Why not upload a picture of you design or creation and tag us @bricsys on Twitter or Instagram.

Kelsey Grant - Author

by Kelsey Grant - Marketing Content Specialist

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Kelsey is our Marketing Content Specialist at Bricsys, based in the UK. Coming from a background in Social Media to CAD, she takes pride in crafting clear and engaging content, helping guide BricsCAD users to create great things!

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