More than an AutoCAD® alternative

Design freely with BricsCAD, the most cost-effective CAD software with .dwg compatibility, flexible licensing, and superior performance.

Price starting from $314/year.

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Searching for the best AutoCAD® alternative?
Meet BricsCAD.

BricsCAD enables every drafter, engineer, architect, surveyor, and designer to achieve more for a lower total cost. Upgrade from AutoCAD® to BricsCAD in just one hour and be productive in less than one day.

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More than an AutoCAD® alternative:

DWG icon

DWG compatible

configuration icon

Automatic configuration and customization transfer

flexible licensing icon

No forced subscriptions, only flexible licensing

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Instantly familiar to AutoCAD® users

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Intelligent CAD tools

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Support of multi-threaded, multi-processor operations

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Cost-effective and no forced subscriptions

Unlike other CAD software, BricsCAD offers the most flexible CAD licensing model. Choose between perpetual licenses or subscriptions, network or standalone. Or mix them together to get an environment that makes sense for you.

Best of all? A BricsCAD perpetual license is about half the price of a yearly subscription of AutoCAD®.

DWG compatible

DWG compatible

BricsCAD opens and saves DWG files directly, delivering the highest degree of compatibility with AutoCAD®. Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, the approved second source for AutoCAD® DWG compatibility, so you never have to worry about compatibility issues or loss of data between systems. You can open a DWG file within your current CAD system, work on it in BricsCAD, save it, and then open it in your other CAD system with no conversions.

Instantly familiar to AutoCAD® users

BricsCAD has full command, script, macro, and menu compatibility with AutoCAD® 2022. Move to BricsCAD, and your current menus, scripts and LISP routines will run directly with zero changes.

You won’t have to change your standard printers, templates, blocks, or sheet sets to adopt BricsCAD® – bring them into BricsCAD and feel right at home, right away. You can use these tools just like you normally would. Use your muscle memory to get started with BricsCAD in an hour and be efficient in a day.

Customizations transfer composition

Automatic configuration and customization transfer

In BricsCAD, all your standard configurations and custom apps still work (i.e., CTB/STB files, layer states, templates, utilities, etc.). Just point BricsCAD to their location on your servers or copy them to the appropriate BricsCAD folder on your local machine.

Supported file formats

Your custom assets are where the work-saving productivity resides … especially for your users. By supporting these formats, we allow you to bring your workflows into BricsCAD directly with little to no effort.



Ribbons and Menus



Tool palettes



Lisp, VB/.NET



Sheet sets






Plotters, Page setups

Intelligent CAD tools for more efficient workflows

BricsCAD® isn’t just an AutoCAD® alternative – it’s a rapidly evolving CAD software that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help improve your workflows.


2.7x faster

Opening 500+ DWG files


2.8x faster

Running advanced LISP routine

Source: BricsCAD's LISP kicks sand in the face of AutoCAD's

Support of multi-threaded, multi-processor operations

While accessing a CAD database is generally a serial process, BricsCAD leverages multi-core CPUs to accelerate drawing loads, speed up detail view creation and rendering. We constantly review and refactor code to take advantage of today’s hardware platforms, while staying lean and fast to ensure excellent performance of our state-of-the-art hardware.

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Install and activate your fully functional 30-day trial of BricsCAD Ultimate. Access the complete CAD design toolkit from a single installer.

*BricsCAD Lite and BricsCAD Pro are registered trademarks of Bricsys NV. ©2021 All rights reserved. DWG is the native file format for Autodesk’s AutoCAD® software and is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc.