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BricsCAD provides construction project managers with a professional CAD solution for 2D and 3D model review, mark-up, annotations, measurements, and modifications. Our cost-effective CAD platform is the most familiar and reliable alternative in the market.

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Reality capture in building construction

Combine reality capture point-cloud data with constructability models to compare planned vs. actual. Visual inspection and automated workflows provide insight into projects needed to stay on track.

Bidding documents

Save time and improve accuracy with electronic documents for trades to bid.

Shop drawing approvals

Get approvals right the first time with automated workflows and structured metadata capture.

RFIs/Technical questions

RFIs/Technical Questions - Revision control with better communication.


Smooth and controlled handover, with all handover data in one place. Consistent, progressive, and reliable every time.

Automated construction admin workflows

Customizable forms and automated workflows will rein in unruly RFIs, submittals, and other project document workstreams, inside of Bricsys 24/7. Stay current, get organized, and save time.

Document control and collaboration

Construction professionals gain access to the latest information in real-time, improving communication and increasing visibility of project documentation with Bricsys 24/7 – our secure cloud solution for document collaboration.

Preventing chaos

Willemen Groep
Documentation for our construction projects generally consists of more than 10,000 documents and emails. A well-thought-out design and proper follow-up of the use of Bricsys 24/7 are crucial to preventing chaos.
Dieter Froyen, Head of Work Construction Preparation, Willemen Construct

On-demand webinars
Data challenges and collaboration in construction projects

Discover Bricsys® 24/7 the project data and collaboration tool which offers role-based security and unlimited users to help ensure that the right document is in the right hands at the right time.

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Download BricsCAD Pro

The BricsCAD installer includes all features of Shape, Lite, Pro, BIM, and Mechanical. After the 30-days trial, you can keep using BricsCAD Shape for free.

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