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A unanimous vote for BricsCAD from the team at Engels

Based in Belgium, Engels is an established name in the world of windows and doors. BricsCAD has given the team at Engels the freedom and flexibility to focus on design, freeing them from the limitations of traditional CAD software.

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Engels is an established name in the world of windows and doors. Since 1945, the family business has kept the same focus in mind: to offer the most refined window and door solutions in wood, aluminum and PVC.

We are visiting the head office based in Lokeren, Belgium. The extensive site not only accommodates the company’s offices, but also their wood workshop and spacious showroom. 'In addition to this showroom, we have a network of 11 shops spread across the country', explains Anthony Hoogsteyns, the Business Unit Manager of the Retail Network. 'We serve our customers from these showrooms, where they can experience the diversity and quality of our products.'

Not just a window company
Anthony continues: 'The design and production of our windows and doors takes place in our own production facility. We have modern computer-controlled machines. Because we do all this in-house, we have direct control over the quality of our products.'

'We like working on beautiful projects and are always looking to add aesthetic value as well. Of course, this also includes beautiful windows and doors. Our motto describes this: ‘Not just a window company', explains Anthony.

In addition to the network of shops for private customers, Engels consists of a department that focuses on the project market and a department that works B2B, producing joinery under a private label.

Using CAD software
The customer's ideas must be drawn up before the order is put into production and that is where CAD software comes in. Kristof van Mol is responsible for the entire IT infrastructure within Engels. Among other things, he is involved in choosing the most suitable application for their needs.

Kristof explains: 'We make intensive use of CAD software. Most drawing work is carried out at the head office, where the vision of the customer is translated into technical drawings. We submit these drawings to the client for approval. Often there are still some minor changes that we apply afterwards. Once there is a final agreement, these drawings form the basis for a production drawing.'

'In addition, all our shops use CAD software to make local adjustments or to present the drawings to the customer.'

BricsCAD Chosen Unanimously
Kristof continues: 'We used AutoCAD® LT throughout the whole group, but we ran into some limitations. For example, license management was complex and as an IT administrator I was often busy helping CAD users log in again. In addition, we saw that the licenses became more expensive every year without increasing the ease of use. That is why we started looking for alternatives.'

CADKoop, a local reseller for Bricsys, pointed them in the direction of BricsCAD.
'After testing various packages, the team unanimously opted for BricsCAD and we are very happy with that. The use and user interface of BricsCAD is very similar to that of AutoCAD®. As a result, our draftsmen did not have to learn something completely new, and they could work productively with the knowledge they already had.'

Purchase cheaply, manage easily
'Management of our software has also become a lot easier now', Kristof explains further. 'We no longer have to log in every time. Everyone just has their own license and that works without any problems.
If we look at the costs, we save enormously every year. We have opted for BricsCAD permanent licenses. This is the most beneficial in the long run, and it gives us the freedom to decide what we do with each license.'

2D is the norm for the time being
'We mainly draw our windows and doors in 2D. It often involves indicating a position or division of the plane and that works well in 2D. We may use 3D in the future. After all, the advantage of BricsCAD is that we could exchange our license for a higher version at a later date’, concludes Anthony.

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