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2022 at Bricsys®

What a year that was! We turned 20, found some great new partners, had some big releases, and to be honest? We had a great time doing it all. Take a peak and see what we've been up to during 2022.

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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight - Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight - Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at V23’s new tools and commands for CAD, demonstrating how we set out to ‘Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation’.

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Bricsys Digital Summit: Explore the highlights and hear about the innovations to help you Build Better

Bricsys Digital Summit: Explore the highlights and hear about the CAD innovations to Build Better

We brought together our customers and users with the Bricsys teams at our annual virtual event for CAD, BIM and CDE users to find out more about our top tools and commands in BricsCAD V23. And the audience also got to explore the latest automations in our cloud CDE for AEC and Construction, Bricsys 24/7.

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BricsCAD: Freedom for the DWG Community

Every proprietary CAD system has an interface to at least read DWG files that work within their proprietary file format, and this where the problem starts. Moving to a proprietary format means losing the freedom of easily sharing data with anyone else needing it in DWG.

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HxGN Live 2022 Review

HXGN Live hosted the event in Las Vegas for 2022, and Bricsys showcased our latest innovations. We’ve gathered some of the highlights from the show for you here.

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Five crowd-pleasers that come from Belgium

From humble beginnings in Belgium two decades ago, BricsCAD is now the CAD tool of choice for over 300,000 users worldwide. Of course, we think that BricsCAD is up there with the other Belgian greats, so let’s look at some more crowd-pleasers.

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Meet the Team that Makes Bricsys – Jan Syssauw

In this latest instalment of ‘Meet the team that makes Bricsys’, we introduce Jan Syssauw, who is Head of BricsCAD Product and Development. Following a career centered around building great software products and cross-functional teams, Jan joined Bricsys in October 2021, and he has been leading his team to excellence ever since.

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Meet the team that makes Bricsys – Jean-Philippe Van Der Bracht

In our latest instalment of ‘Meet the team that makes Bricsys’, we are introducing Jean-Philippe Van Der Bracht, our BricsCAD as a Platform (BaaP) Product Manager. It is an exciting week for Jean-Philippe as we publish this blog, as he is celebrating his 3-year anniversary with Bricsys!

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What the future holds for Bricsys in the Asia Pacific region

On the blog today, we will be exploring Bricsys’ expanding global footprint. In particular we’ll be taking a deep dive into the company’s presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, guided by Pat Williams, Bricsys’ Vice President of Sales for North America and APAC. We’ll get to know Pat, discover computer-aided design (CAD) trends in APAC, and find out how BricsCAD is paving the way for growth and innovation across the region.

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Meet the team that makes Bricsys – Fleur Dooms

In our latest instalment of ‘Meet the team that makes Bricsys’, we get to know Fleur Dooms. Starting off her career as a student with Bricsys, Fleur excelled and has now been a BricsCAD BIM Product Specialist on the Bricsys team for almost 3 years.

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Meet Alan 2

Meet the team that makes Bricsys - Alan Espinoza

As a native Floridian I grew up with all sorts of interesting career opportunities around me. With theme parks in my backyard and Kennedy Space Center just down the road, it was easy to get lost in potential careers such as lead roller coaster engineer or space station designer...

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Becoming a Bricsys Partner

Since 2017 Bricsys has quadrupled in size, and our partners have grown their businesses exponentially together with us.

Have you ever wondered what becoming a Bricsys reseller could look like for you? What benefits would you get, where would you fit within the Bricsys ecosystem, and how would we support you to success? In this blog post, we answer these questions and introduce you to our award-winning premium and elite partners.

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