19 februari 2024 3 min

Dealing with the Concrete 'Crisis': Leveraging Point Cloud in CAD for Surface Deviation Analysis

In the wake of a concrete 'crisis' affecting existing buildings, such as many schools in the UK constructed with Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC), the need for precise assessment and remediation strategies has never been more critical. Integrated into CAD software, point cloud technology becomes valuable for addressing surface deviation concerns in RAAC structures.

7 december 2023 4 min

BricsCAD® V24: A Modern User Experience

If you're a CAD user who moved to BricsCAD, getting used to even minor differences can slow you down. To help you make the switch, we've added in-product guidance directly to BricsCAD. With our new and improved start page, you'll find it easy to select templates, a list of recently opened drawings, and the option to pin recently used files to the top of your list.

16 november 2023 5 min

BricsCAD® V24: What's New in BricsCAD® BIM?

With BricsCAD® BIM V24, we wanted to give you the tools you need. Many of our users receive 2D drawings from designers for at least 40% - 50% of their projects, so they need to convert their 2D drawings into 3D and BIM models for visualization, coordination, planning, and quantity takeoff. This conversion is made simpler with BricsCAD BIM V24's tools, which are easy to use, familiar, and intelligent when needed.

20 september 2023 5 min

Getting Started with BricsCAD®: Trial and Licensing Options

Are you considering BricsCAD? Then, you're probably wondering what licensing options are available when you choose BricsCAD. You can avail of the free 30-day trial to try BricsCAD and its various versions to decide which edition suits your needs best. When you buy BricsCAD, you can choose from our flexible licensing options. Let's take a look at the different licensing options!

27 maart 2023 6 min

Generatieve AI ontwikkelen in BricsCAD® - Wat heeft het voor zin?

Generatieve AI is nogal een modewoord, maar dat betekent niet dat het een modegril is. De architectuur en engineering sectoren zullen deze technologie sneller omarmen naarmate er meer oplossingen beschikbaar komen om mooi samenhangende problemen –op te lossen, zoals het classificeren van 3D-objecten in bouwelementen en technische systeemklassen. Dus, hoe ontwikkelen we generatieve AI in BricsCAD®?

13 maart 2023 3 min

BricsCAD® Drawing Recovery Manager: herstel tekeningen na een crash

Crashes zijn onwaarschijnlijk in BricsCAD®, maar ze kunnen voorkomen. Het opnieuw maken van verloren bestanden is tijdrovend en frustrerend – dus we hebben u gedekt om u de pijn te besparen. De Drawing Recovery Manager in BricsCAD helpt u verloren werk na een crash met een paar klikken te herstellen, waardoor uw tekeningen veilig en gezond blijven. Blijf lezen om erachter te komen hoe!

23 november 2022 5 min

How Technology Can Overcome the Top Challenges in Construction

New technology solutions continue to improve productivity and efficiency on construction sites around the world. However, upgraded design software can only push these improvements so far. To truly overcome the construction industry’s top challenges, the sectors’ professionals - architects, engineers, contractors and building owners - must embrace innovative solutions that provide the tools for stronger and better collaboration.

22 november 2022 4 min

Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – Great CAD productivity with amazing user experience

In this blog, we look at the features in Version 23 which are intuitive to use, learn and adopt when our users draft and design in their CAD workflows. This amazing user-experience is driven by the way our development teams harness new technology, so we’ll also highlight our favourite tools and commands to give users extra productivity too.

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