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Dependable CAD solutions for Land Surveyors

Door Oliver Samuel 3 min 13 oktober 2022
Solutions for Land Surveyors

Dependable CAD solutions for Land Surveyors

At Bricsys, we understand the day-to-day challenges faced by land surveyors, both out in the field and back in the office. And to stay productive, a well-tested platform is essential for CAD-based land surveying.

Faster and more accurate land surveying

Speed, accuracy and dependability are key to a land surveyor’s work. To create accurate site plans and digital terrain models, you need to collect data in the field, manage multiple data in the cloud, and analyse the geographic information. So, land surveyors need tools which are intuitive, easy to use and interoperable.

CAD land surveys: on time and on budget

Land surveyors have to balance the time pressures of delivering desktop generated outputs while being mobile on-site. This means getting tasks done within the budgeted and planned time, while reducing errors in fine tolerances and minimizing any reworks.

In additional to this, you may also have the added pressure to grow your business:

  • Expanding your service offerings
  • Improving quality on deliverables
  • Reducing costs and improving time efficiency
  • Exceeding client expectations

Delivering 2D and 3D surveys for your clients

With all these challenges, you need proven workflows to help you gather and processes data for your projects efficiently, whether you are completing:

  • Existing conditions survey
  • During construction survey or stake out tasks
  • Delivering a as-built survey

Workflows land surveyors need

With Bricsys solutions powering your workflows, you can be more productive at every step. In our micro-demo videos, you can see how Bricsys solutions helps you deliver the tasks you complete every day:

  • Turn a point cloud into an accurate 3D Model, with Scan-to-BIM
  • Import large point clouds into BricsCAD and use our tools to filter unnecessary points to create a workable TIN Surface, with Scan-to-TIN
  • Transform a point-cloud quickly into a 2D plan of your building layout, Scan-to-Plan
  • Create an accurate CAD deliverable using BricsCAD Pro and KeyTERRA-FIRMA, a combination providing a simple, yet powerful way to import site survey data for a total station site-survey to CAD deliverable
  • Share design data to your Leica iCON Field quickly for better cloud collaboration on construction layouts

Discover the BricsCAD difference

With BricsCAD, surveyors can reduce costs and drive project efficiency. Our CAD-based platform comes with intelligent commands and tools to accelerate your point-cloud workflow, while our partner apps provide advance survey features.

Discover the BricsCAD difference, and find out more about our Land Surveyor solutions: here

We have more reviews about your industries and roles in related blog posts, so be sure to explore how you can build better workflows with Bricsys’ interoperable, intuitive and open solutions. We can’t wait for you to join and connect with the Bricsys community.

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