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The View Base Command - Paper Space in BricsCAD

The View Base Command - Paper Space in BricsCAD

In BricsCAD there are two main workspaces: Paper Space and Model Space. In this series we're going to explore the Paper Space workspace, what it does, how it works, why it's used and the various features, such as viewports, templates and annotations.

In the last post we looked at how to add annotations to layouts in Paper Space. In this post we will look at the VIEWBASE command.

What is the VIEWBASE command?

VIEWBASE  automatically generates associative, isometric and orthographic "flat" views. These are known as "drawing views". These can then be used to create section and detail views using the VIEWSECTION command.

There are many advantages to using the VIEWBASE command over viewports, including speed, accuracy, control and automatic generation of section and detail views.

How to use the VIEWBASE command

Launch the VIEWBASE command from Model Space and follow the instructions on the Command Line. If you get stuck there are detailed instructions on how to create drawing views the Bricsys Help Center.The View Base Command- view base command in action

Tip: Once you have placed the first view on the page, move the mouse around to generate additional projection views.

Hit Ctrl whilst creating views to move the projected view freely around the page. Click the mouse to place the view and hit Ctrl again to exit this view and generate more.

Tip: It's a good idea to switch on GENERATEASSOCVIEWS before you create views.

How to Change the Visual Style

You can turn hidden lines on and off, or change the Visual style as required. Do this with the Properties panel or use the VIEWEDIT command.

Note: To be able to change the visual style of views created with the VIEWBASE command, you must first change the geometry to "3D" or "Draft". You will not be able to change the visual style if the Geometry style is set to "2D". You can change the geometry when you create the drawing view or after with the Properties panel.

The View Base Command- view style

Properties for drawing views.

Editing drawing views

One advantage of the VIEWBASE command is that it makes it really easy to automatically generate section and detail views. The drawing views generated with the VIEWBASE and VIEWSECTION commands have their own, set of commands, that don't work on regular viewports.

The View Base Command- view base various-800x506

A selection of view, automatically generated with the VIEWBASE command and it's companion commands. Including detail views, 2D and 3D drawing styles and section views.

VIEWSECTION Create a cross-section view from a drawing view.

VIEWSECTIONSTYLE Modify the appearance section views.

VIEWPROJ Generate additional projected views from an existing drawing view.

VIEWDETAIL Create a larger, detail view from a portion of a drawing view.

VIEWDETAILSTYLE Modify the appearance of detail views.

VIEWUPDATE Update drawing views.

VIEWEXPORT Export the content of drawing views to the Model Space.

VIEWEDIT Change the scale and hidden line visibility of drawing views.

VIEWBREAK Create a broken view on drawing views.

How to hide the viewport frame

To turn off the viewport frame visibility, simply freeze the Drafting Viewports layer. However, it's worth noting that the frame is not actually visible when printed. 

Hungry for more?

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