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What is Paper Space? - Paper Space in BricsCAD

What is Paper Space? - Paper Space in BricsCAD

In BricsCAD there are two main workspaces: Paper Space and Model Space. In this series we're going to explore the Paper Space workspace, what it does, how it works, why it's used and how to get the most from it.

In this post we're going to look at what Paper Space is and why it is used.

Model Space vs Paper Space

Model Space is typically the place where you do all of your drawing and (as the name suggests) the modeling. Everything in Model Space is typically drawn at a 1:1 ratio.

Paper Space is the area where you arrange your sheets for printing. Entities in Paper Space can be scaled to different sizes and many different views can be arranged on a single sheet.

What is Paper Space - Paper Space in BricsCAD-model paper sidebyside

Left: Model Space Right: Paper Space

How to Find Paper Space in BricsCAD

To move between Paper Space and Model Space, simply click the tabs at the bottom of the workspace. By default all BricsCAD drawings automatically have two Paper Space layouts. The default names for these are Layout1 and Layout2.

By default, each layout comes with 1 Paper Space viewport. You can modify or delete this. You can also create your own Paper Space layouts, from a template or from scratch.

What is Paper Space - Paper Space in BricsCAD- find paperspace

Located in the bottom left of the screen

Why use Paper Space in BricsCAD?

Paper Space allows you to scale your drawing, which means you can fit several views and drawings on a layout, without altering the drawing or 3D model. This makes it ideal for printing. If you were to print directly from Model Space, you would have to scale your models or drawings, which could cause complication further down the line.

Another advantage of Paper Space is that it allows you to arrange several views of the same entity onto a layout, these can be arranged at different scales and with different visibility properties. For example, you can insert a top-down, side view, an isometric, rendered view and several section views, onto a single page.

What is a layout in BricsCAD?

A layout is a representation of a sheet of paper. Each tab on a BricsCAD drawing represents a different "sheet of paper" and each tab is known as a "layout". The layout contains information such as the sheet size and style.

A layout can be saved as a template. A template can also contain details such as title blocks and viewports.

What is Paper Space - Paper Space in BricsCAD- viewport

Simple Layout with a single viewport in BricsCAD. This is the default BricsCAD layout.

What is a Paper Space viewport in BricsCAD?

Viewports in Paper Space, also known as "layout viewports", act as a "window" to your model. In a single layout you can create multiple viewports, each of which displays a unique view or "window" into the Model Space. You can control the layer visibility, scale, and view angle of each layout viewport separately.

A layout viewport is created as a separate entity that you can copy, delete, move, scale, and stretch as you would any other drawing entity. You can snap to the viewport borders using entity snap.

What else can you add to a layout in Paper Space?

Apart from viewports, you can add print-related entities that are not essential to the model itself, such as keynotes, annotations, title blocks, etc to a layout. These entities are specific to a given layout and do not appear in other layouts or in the Model Space.

What is Paper Space - Paper Space in BricsCAD- paperspace extra-stuff

More complex Paper Space layout, including dimensions, multiple viewports in different view styles and a title block

What's Next?

That's all for this post, be sure to come back, in the next post we will look at how to create and edit Layouts and Templates.

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