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BricsCAD Lab: CAD support for BricsCAD users

By Grant Dott 2 分 2022年10月3日
BricsCAD Lab

BricsCAD Lab: CAD support for BricsCAD users

Are you concerned about how to choose and migrate to a better CAD solution? Then read here how 2D designers, 3D modelers and BIM developers can join the BricsCAD Lab.

Intuitive and interoperable CAD for all users...

For CAD users, the thought of a major change to a best-in-class alternative to AutoCAD® presents a unneeded challenge. With new toolsets and commands to learn, different workflow approaches and the loss of familiarity, changing from their legacy CAD system suggest fidelity risk and lost productivity.

This is why the AEC sector chooses BricsCAD as the better alternative for upgrading, which transitions seamlessly to a familiar CAD environment, a robust DWG format and a workflow of intuitive tools and commands.

Overcoming legacy-CAD migration challenges...

To help new users get started quickly, we have created the BricsCAD Lab to demonstrate the similarities and familiarities which makes BricsCAD the perfect choice to transition from your old CAD system. The aim is simply to show CAD users how the functionality performs as you’d expect, with productive results.

The BricsCAD Lab is free from gimmicks and offers our user community a fast way to install, set up and work intuitively in your workflows with the minimal effort.

More than just native interfaces, lisp, brx...

At the BricsCAD Lab, you will discover comprehensive answers to the common questions and more. New users can transition with the confidence to BricsCAD. We aim to show you how new capabilities and innovative tools can be harnessed easily, without any apprehension about the loss of fidelity, productivity and creativity.

The presentations and insights are short and concise for easy viewing, with a focus on outcomes. And during your time at the Lab, we’ll make the implementation and migration to BricsCAD easy and seamless.

So don’t delay in trying out BricsCAD with a 30-day free trial, and stay tuned to the Bricsys Tube channel for the BricsCAD Lab, where we demonstrate our open and interoperable tools and commands for our CAD user community.

2023年9月20日 5 分

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