Mechanical Features

Assemble freely using the power of 3D Direct Modeling. Design parameterizable parts, including sheet metal. Create assemblies using the library of 30,000+ parametric parts. Generate isometric, section, exploded views, and BOMs, all with automated annotation.

BricsCAD V19. The Future of Mechanical.

BricsCAD Mechanical is new for V19. Join Dmitry Ushakov, Alexey Kazakov, and Christian Lecomte as they talk you through the key new features that will have you converting to BricsCAD Mechanical.

What's new

Parameters manager

The parameters manager panel gives you one place to control all parameters in a drawing, with user-defined filters.

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Alignment and orientations for 3D constraints

3D constraints can now accept geometric features as arguments. Also, the spatial position of these arguments can be controlled by flags.

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Parametric arrays of mechanical components

Parametric components, and component-based features can now be grouped into associative arrays.

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30000+ parametric standard parts

800 plus parametric standard parts description

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Automatic exploded representation of assemblies

Assemblies can be automatically exploded in multiple ways. Exploded representations are created based on disassembly without collision.

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Sync folded and unfolded representations

Changes made to an un-folded sheet metal part will propagate back to the original 3D sheet metal model.

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