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Bricsys provides a plethora of CAD programs to meet any need. Our solutions are focused on optimizing the drafting process and improving the accuracy of modeling.

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Originating in the 1960s, Computer-aided design (CAD) is a method of mocking up designs in 2D and 3D simulations. The most common professionals who leverage CAD include engineers, architects, and construction workers. CAD Software automates the manual drafting process with highly productive digital tools, artificial intelligence & machine learning to create faster more efficient modeling & documentation workflows.

Leading the way in CAD software solutions. BricsCAD is based on industry standard. DWG format, making it compatible with other software & tools reducing the time necessary to re-train teams. Each Bricsys CAD solution is focused on the optimization of the drafting process paired to improve productivity accuracy & quality.

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Software to Suit Your Design Needs

BricsCAD allows experts to create more accurate design representations. CAD replaced manual design drafting, allowing better development, alteration, and optimization. BricsCAD enables engineers to craft more detailed designs and manipulate them virtually. CAD software calculates how multiple materials relate.

BricsCAD has designed the ultimate suite of tools to meet your design needs. From the earliest stages of 2D drafting to the finalized 3D models utilized for manufacturing or building, our robust set of products makes it easy to create a streamlined workflow.

What is CAD Software Used For?

CAD delivers ease of use, increases productivity & workflow, Improves the Quality of Designs & Enhances Design Security. You can do Fast Design Modifications, share projects anywhere with anyone, anytime, and Create Documentation of designs.

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Building Designs

In architecture and engineering, CAD workflow helps the teams from concept to creation. Whether designing a new building or creating an add-on to an existing structure, BricsCAD makes it easy for teams to efficiently draft 2D and 3D models to help move projects forward. Using the intuitive technology BricsCAD offers, designers and engineers, to create iterations of models, turning concepts into viable project.

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Manufacturing Designs

Throughout the complex manufacturing process, accurate modeling is central to optimizing the design, production, and inspection of product parts. Manufacturing teams rely on BricsCAD software to create 3D visualizations that can be tested, improved upon, and turned into finalized products. Additionally, BricsCAD is compatible with 3D printers, allowing manufacturing organizations to tap into the vast array of opportunities 3D printing offers.

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Product Assembly Designs

From consumer products to robust commercial machinery, BricsCAD helps teams conceptualize future products with 2D and 3D modeling. These drafts can be circulated across key stakeholders, allowing for a more efficient approval process. Once drafts have been finalized, the standard file formats produced by BricsCAD make it easy to turn models into initial product prototypes.

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Infrastructure Designs

Engineers rely on accurate 2D and 3D modeling to ensure land development and other infrastructure projects reflect real-world environments. With the use of BricsCAD, engineers and designers can work collaboratively to create models that serve as the foundation for in-field project activities.

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High-Performance Modeling

Take your business to a new level with the high-performance modeling of BricsCAD. Powered by AI, BricsCAD is the best CAD software for teams. BricsCAD operates smoothly and seamlessly.

In fact, BricsCAD is 2.7x faster at opening 500+ DWG files and 2.8x faster at running advanced LISP routines.

An industry-leading CAD program, BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to accelerate product performance for file loads and drawing generation and rendering.

Enjoy a variety of high-performance features, such as smooth zoom and pan operations in drawings containing hundreds of thousands of entities, a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations, and BricsCAD’s better pan and zoom performance, even with enormous 64-bit BigTIFF files.

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FAQs About CAD Software

BricsCAD is a widely used CAD software it supports industry standards.DWG for the highest compatibility and has all the latest features, including:

  • Command compatible
  • Menu (.CUI, .CUIX) compatible
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support various file formats(.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM, etc.)
  • Based on the 2018 DWG technology

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