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Free e-book: BricsCAD V16 for AutoCAD Users

BricsCAD V16 for AutoCAD Users tells you just about anything you need to know about what's different and what's the same between the newest releases of BricsCAD and AutoCAD. It's loaded with hints on how to work with both CAD systems.

Learn about the benefits of using BricsCAD while saving your firm a lot on software expenditures. You’ll read about the advantages of switching to BricsCAD, how it is similar to AutoCAD, and the transition issues on which to keep an eye.

The book provides you detailed information on issues like differences and similarities in user interfaces, DWG-file compatibility, and even how to operate a dual-CAD design office. Useful appendices at the end of the book exhaustively cross-reference command and system variable names between the two CAD systems, as well as aliases, shortcut keystrokes, and mouse button actions.

The chapters solve issues such as the following:

  • BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users
  • Comparing User Interfaces
  • Compatibility of Drawing Elements
  • Customizing and Programming BricsCAD
  • Operating Dual-CAD Design Offices
  • Working in 3D

The entire ebook is free, and can be downloaded here