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Introductie BricsCAD® Mechanical V20 

BricsCAD® Mechanical V20 biedt nieuwe en uitgebreide workflows voor 3D directe parametrische modellering, assemblage en plaatwerkontwerp. Als onderdeel van de BricsCAD® Ultimate-suite biedt het meer dan 'alleen' MCAD-tools. BricsCAD® Mechanical V20 biedt een naadloze brug tussen MCAD en BIM, waardoor het ontwerpen en detailleren van gefabriceerde bouwproducten wordt vergemakkelijkt. Geen enkel ander CAD-product - DWG-gebaseerd of anderszins - kan deze claim doen gelden.

BOM panel and Exploded Views

To speed the layout of Bills of Materials (BOM), the interactive BOM panel helps you create and format BOM tables faster and more accurately. Significantly enhanced in V20, the powerful Exploded View capability of BricsCAD® Mechanical V20 creates multi-axis disassembly views with automatically generated trailing lines. And of course, automated tagging links your exploded views with their corresponding BOM tables.

New Parametric Capabilities

BricsCAD® Mechanical advances its parametric capabilities with geometry-driven constraints, path constraints, and a new, parametric suppression feature. Add these new capabilities with the addition of multi-parametric, keyframed animations, and you’ll visualize your designs faster than ever before.

Fast generation of draft quality drawing views

New drawing layout tools let you create draft quality drawing views up to ten times faster than before. This lets you create multiple sheets containing multiple layouts, in real-time – while the documentation-quality views regenerate later.

Hems and Tabs

In BricsCAD® Mechanical V20, we’re offering two new types of sheet metal features: hems and tabs, to align and connect sheet metal components quickly and accurately. Both hem and tab features are controlled parametrically in V20.

"I believe that BricsCAD® Mechanical V20 is another solid step towards a full-scale solution for designing mechanical products in 3D, in a unified .dwg environment. The main highlight is its integration with BricsCAD® BIM in one BricsCAD® Ultimate product - a workflow that has no analogs in any other product," mentioned Dmitry Ushakov, CEO at Bricsys Technologies Russia.

There’s much more to BricsCAD® Mechanical V20. Ready to take a look? Want to download BricsCAD® Ultimate for a free, 30-day trial? Come to