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ZenTek Consultants Joins Bricsys U.S. Reseller Program

ZenTek Consultants Joins Bricsys U.S. Reseller Program

ZenTek Consultants is excited to announce the addition of BricsCAD® solutions to their already robust software line for the AEC Industry. As a premier US sales partner of Bricsys solutions, ZenTek offers BricsCADBricsCAD BIM, and Bricsys 24/7 to AEC firms.

An overwhelming number of our CAD/BIM clients have expressed their frustration over paying annual contracts for the market leading CAD system, with little to no functional upgrades to show for the price. With BricsCAD we saw a better drafting/design system that let users purchase perpetual licenses, at a far better price point, and our clients upgrade only when they believe it's beneficial to their workflow. -- James Coppinger, Principal at ZenTek consultants explained

Why BricsCAD

For ZenTek BricsCAD is a game-changer in the .dwg-based Computer-Aided Design space. It delivers modern and innovative 2D, 3D, BIM & mechanical design workflows, all in one easy-to-own product. BricsCAD runs on all 3 major operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux, with cost-effective perpetual licenses -- or, you can rent BricsCAD if that makes sense for your business.

BricsCAD's command structure and familiar user interface make it easy to move to BricsCAD from your current DWG-based CAD system. You can migrate seamlessly, and reuse your existing customizations, and be productive almost instantly. Plus, any BricsCAD license can be used anywhere on Earth, in your choice of 15 languages. Learn more about flexible CAD licenses.

About ZenTek

ZenTek Consultants works with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms to help their clients purchase and implement the software needed to grow in this complex industry. ZenTek provides a single point-of-contact for clients to buy, develop, and learn the most vital software systems for both design and construction. ZenTek strives to be your trusted technology partner, from initial needs through long term support and training for your staff. Learn more at

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