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Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!

Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!

I'm always happy to talk to BricsCAD users, but and time and time again I hear the same misconceptions. Today I'm going to put these to bed once and for all!

Here are the top 5 myths about BricsCAD:

Myth #1 BricsCAD is Made in China

Bricsys is a global company, however, the majority of the BricsCAD product is designed and developed in Belgium. The headquarters are situated in the picturesque city of Gent, a true architect's delight!

We also have offices all over the world:

Akademgorodok Novosibirsk, Russia: The home of the ingenious BricsCAD Mechanical team, responsible for most of the really cool direct modeling and Sheet Metal tools!

Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!- Alexander Roman edit-1024x762

Roman and Alexander (BricsCAD developers) outside the Bricsys Office in Novosibirsk, Russia

Bucharest, Romania: A large portion of our help and support team is based in Romania.

Bricsys USA: A growing number of the Bricsys teamwork directly from the USA.

Bricsys UK: In 2020 Bricsys started its team based in the UK.

Bricsys APAC office Singapore: In 2020 Bricsys opened the doors to its APAC HQ in Singapore, allowing us to offer more region-specific help and support.

International resellers: In addition to all of this, Bricsys works closely with a number of resellers across the globe, so Bricsys never really sleeps. This allows us to provide you with help and support, when you need it, in most languages.

Myth #2 BricsCAD Shape isn't free

BricsCAD Shape IS free. Use it without restriction, for as long as you like!

As an added bonus, if you download BricsCAD Shape you automatically get a free 30-day trial of BricsCAD Ultimate. Once the trial has ended, BricsCAD reverts to BricsCAD Shape, which yes, remains free!

Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!- shape-e1565613060343

BricsCAD Shape, the free, modeling tool from Bricsys.

Want to get started with BricsCAD Shape? Why not try Joachim's BricsCAD Shape Journey?

Myth #3 BricsCAD is only for Architects

BricsCAD is used by a huge range of different companies. Just check out our customer case studies. Everyone from stage designers to car manufacturers uses BricsCAD, and yes, a number of architects do too.

Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!- workspace

BricsCAD is a versatile CAD software package for all disciplines.

Myth #4 BricsCAD isn't available as a rental license

BricsCAD is all about choice. Single, volume and network licenses -- subscription or perpetual. It's your choice! BricsCAD licenses work without boundaries, you can use the same license anywhere in the world, in any language.

Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!- license

Network, rental and perpetual licenses, it's your choice!

Myth #5 BricsCAD is hard to learn

BricsCAD is muscle memory compatible with "That Other CAD". Don't believe us? Try it for yourself! Did I mention it's free for 30 days, without a credit card?

Need some help getting started? Why not try the free tutorials on our Help Center?
Top 5 BricsCAD Myths - Debunked!- learning

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