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Bricsys 2019 - Plan Your Conference

Bricsys 2019 - Plan Your Conference

On Wednesday 9th October the Bricsys 2019 Conference kicks off! At the Brewery, Stockholm.

Here's our handy timetable to help you plan your visit.

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Day 1

09:30-09:45 -- Bricsys: Design Excellence

Main Stage

CEO Erik De Keyser will kick us off with what the last year has brought, what we will bring to you in 2020, and what you'll see over the next two days in Stockholm.

09:45-10:45 -- Welcome to BricsCAD -- What's new in V20

Main Stage

Heidi Hewett and the BricsCAD team will show you what's new in BricsCAD V20 core. As always, we've worked hard this last year to make BricsCAD stronger, faster and better. We promise that you'll love what we bring to the table with the latest version of BricsCAD!

10:45-11:30 -- The Future of the BricsCAD Platform -- AI/ML & AR/VR technologies

Main Stage

The Bricsys Advanced Technologies team will show you the latest developments in AI/machine learning, and some exotic AR/VR technologies under development today at Bricsys.

11:30-12:00 -- Coffee Break

The Zone

12:00-13:00 The BricsCAD BIM Workflow -- Lifts creativity, not complexity

Main stage
The product leaders for BricsCAD BIM will take you through the entire 3D workflow, from concept to construction.

13:00-14:30 -- Lunch

The Zone

14:30-1500 -- HOK: Kentucky Int'l Conference Center

Main Stage
Bricsys presents our BIM Alliance partner -- Greg Schleusner of HOK Architects will discuss the recent remodel of the Kentucky International Conference Center.

15:00-16:00 -- ZHA/B-B Antwerp Port House

Main Stage
Joris Pauwels of Zaha Hadid Architects will present the design process behind the update of the Antwerp Port House in Belgium. Whilst Paulus Present of Bureau Bouwtechniek will explore the structural refit.

16:00-16:30 -- Coffee Break

The Zone

16:30-16:45 The Bricsys BIM Alliance

Main Stage
An opportunity to meet some of the key members of the Bricsys BIM Alliance. This customer-focused consortium helps shape the future of our BIM workflow with deep product use and interaction with our product development team.

16:45-17:45 -- Synergy: Bricsys & Leica Geosystems

Main Stage

Our friends and sister company Leica Geosystems will present our alliance and their advanced software products for laser scanning, data capture, and analysis. We'll also be making a special collaboration announcement at the end of the session!

17:45-18:00 -- Bricsys BIM Alliance Announcement

Main Stage
An announcement that you won't want to miss!

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Day 2

09:00 -- 09:20 -- Welcome/Open Design Alliance Presentation

Main Stage
First, an overview of the day's presentations and Bricsys' goals for customer success. Then Neil Peterson, the President of the Open Design Alliance, will present the ODA story.

09:20-10:00 -- The BricsCAD Mechanical Workflow

Main Stage
The BricsCAD Mechanical development team will show the latest and greatest additions to our MCAD workflow.

10:00-10:30 -- Design & Fabrication of Folded Structures

Main Stage
Tal Friedman, CEO of FOLDSTRUCT, will discuss his design ethic and his use of algorithmic design. Next, he will talk about the issues that arise when fabricating large-scale sheet metal forms. After Tal's presentation, Bricsys sheet metal guru Christian Lecomte will show one of Tal's designs, converted to BricsCAD Sheet Metal. Architectural design for manufacturability? Yes, with Bricsys products -- of course!

10:30-11:00 -- Coffee Break

The Zone

11:00-11:30 -- BricsCAD Customer Success Panel

Main Stage
Hosted by Robert Green, a group of customers who have made the move to BricsCAD will talk about the migration process and the business value of switching to the best, .dwg-based CAD product available today.

11:30 -- 12:30 -- The Power of the Bricsys Collective

Main Stage
The BricsCAD BIM team will share the stage with three of our newest application developer partners -- Robert McNeel & Associates (Rhinoceros / Grasshopper), Enscape (real-time photorealistic rendering) and AX3000 (building mechanical design). Each of the partners will have an opportunity to present their solution, live on stage.

12:30-13:30 -- Lunch

The Zone

13:30 -- 14:25 -- BricsCAD V20 & Bricsys 24/7 Professional

Main Stage
A deeper dive into V20 and our new 24/7 product

13:30 -- 14:25 -- Panel Discussion: CAD Migration

Parallel Stage

Robert Green heads up a panel discussion giving his tips and insights to ensure a seamless move to BricsCAD.

14:30-15:30 -- The Bricsys 24/7 Product Family

Main Stage
A deeper dive into the Future of Collaboration

14:30-15:30 -- Change your BIM mindset -- Start in 3D

Parallel Stage
Find out more about our BIM modeling innovation

15:30-16:00 -- Coffee Break

The Zone

16:00 -- 17:30 -- The BricsCAD BIM Workflow (training)

Main Stage
A detailed review of our approach to BIM, we're not BIMed out yet!

16:00-17:30 -- The BricsCAD Mechanical Workflow (training)

Parallel Stage
A detailed overview of our MCAD workflow, prepare to be blown away!

17:30-17:45 What's Next from Bricsys

Main Stage
Bricsys founder Erik De Keyser will share his vision for what's coming next from Bricsys.

19:30-Till late -- The Bricsys 2019 Afterparty

The Brewery

The infamous Bricsys Afterparty will rock on into the night, with music by the one and only Bricsys Band (feat. Robert Green).

Plus plenty of opportunity to speak to developers and the Bricsys team!

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