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Architecture student Jasper Steenbeke shares his intern experience

Architecture student Jasper Steenbeke shares his intern experience

Architecture student intern Jasper Steenbeke switched from 2D CAD to BricsCAD BIM. Since he made the switch he's been able to reduce the time he spends on his architectural drawings visualize his designs more effectively, and reduce his stress, all using his free student license.

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Jasper's student intern experience

Jasper is pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an architect and is about to go into his final year of his master's degree studying engineering and architecture at the University of Ghent. He's been working for Bricsys for 2 years and working with BricsCAD since the second year of his bachelor's degree.

Architecture student Jasper Steenbeke shares his intern experience- Render sml-768x732

Rendered BIM model, built with BricsCAD

What have you made with BricsCAD?

One of the most interesting projects that Jasper has worked on with BricsCAD BIM is the Begijnengracht. Which was used as the inspiration for the 2D 3D BIM series. He also presented his work to his peers at the Bricsys Student BIM event earlier this year.

The project was designed to revitalize street in Ghent: The Begijnengracht. It used to be a thriving shopping street but has since fallen into disrepair.

There were many problems that needed solving through the design. The shop on the ground floor was designed as a separate, self-contained area, so as not to interfere with the upper living levels.

The plot of the land was also far from ideal, it was walled either side by buildings of differing heights and was extremely narrow. Jasper created a series of levels and terraces that allowed extra light to enter the building, even on the north side. It also allowed him to give the front facade a stepped appearance to smooth the transition between the buildings.

He told me that he thought the materials were the most successful part of the design.

How did you find working with BricsCAD?

He told me that BricsCAD helps with his stress levels as he could generate section views much faster. When he first designed his building he created everything in 2D.

[2D] It's very time-consuming and delivers a good drawing, but when you look at BricsCAD BIM, you create your model, you can create a section in two clicks, then you can choose your visual style and render what you want. I got the same image, but with materials and with textures in just 5 minutes.

He also explained that when he made the model he was able to better visualize his design and change some of the details to better fit the surroundings.

Architecture student Jasper Steenbeke shares his intern experience- Screenshot-32-1024x576

Left: Drawing created in 2D. Every line was put in place. Right: The same image generated in BricsCAD automatically, including materials and textures.

When working on another group project with a fellow interns at Bricsys: Pauline Mestdagh and Koen Mersy he was able to work quickly and effectively to generate weekly progress drawings optimizing the time the team would spend on working on the design.

There were also 2 other students who were new to the software and they could pick it up really quickly. By using BricsCAD BIM it enabled us to create a lot of drawings in just a few clicks.

What's next?

After graduation Jasper hopes to gain an internship in an architectural firm, before starting his own firm. He's clearly a very motived, with high attention to detail. Here at Bricsys, we're sure he'll be a great asset to any architectural studio.

Interested in working for Bricsys?

Are you a budding design or architecture student intern? Why not visit our careers page and see our current vacancies? We're always happy to accept speculative applications from both students and professionals. While you're waiting why not practice BricsCAD with a free academic license?

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