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BIM Student Event 2019

BIM Student Event 2019

Here at Bricsys, we know that students are the future of design and engineering. To celebrate the next generation, Bricsys holds an annual student event for local students to learn more about using BIM software and applying it in real-world scenarios.

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This year's event was held on 2nd May in Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium, the home town of Bricsys. 190 students signed up for the free event, coming from a wide range of specialties, from structural analysis to architecture and most of the topics in between!

For students, by students

The event wasn't just for students, it was also run by students. The student team that works here at Bricsys gave the demonstrations, presentation and made the models themselves, demonstrating incredible aptitude and flexibility. The whole team did an amazing job of organizing, preparing, and demonstrating BricsCAD. I'm sure when they graduate they'll take the job world by storm.

BIM Student Event 2019- MVI 0671 Moment-1024x576

Students arriving at the event

What happened?

Contrary to popular belief: CAD should be fun! Which is why the event got off to an energetic start with Comedian David Galle. His lively and dynamic style had the audience in stitches.

BIM Student Event 2019- IMG 0682-1024x595

Comedian David Galle warms up the audience

The Main event

Then it was the turn of Fleur Dooms. She acted as host for the evening and gave a brief explanation of BIM, for those who might have been snoozing in their lectures. She then handed the floor to Eloïse, another of the student team here at Bricsys, who introduced the team.

BIM Student Event 2019- IMG 0728-1024x704

The Bricsys' Student Team left to right: Fleur Dooms, Jasper Steenbeke, Tina Nielandt, Pauline Mestdagh, Eloïse Laurèdent

The Modern Villa

After that Jacob De Sutter (BricsCAD BIM specialist) showed off some of the more astonishing BricsCAD functionalities: PropagateQuickDraw, Multislice, and the components library, to name but a few. With these tools, he managed to create a modern, 2-story house, with BIM details, and complex joins, all in around 15 minutes. Watch the extended version of this demo from the Bricsys 2018 conference.

Begijnengracht building

Next on the mic was Jasper, he focused on BricsCAD's tremendous usability, specifically focusing on the Quad and the BricsCAD interface. Then he amazed the room with a side by side comparison of a section view he had drawn at University in 2D and a BricsCAD render, noting how much faster the same view was to create using BricsCAD.

BIM Student Event 2019- Screenshot-32-1024x576

getting section views of a design is easier and faster with BricsCAD than standard 2D software packages.

The Eclectic building

Pauline was next. She gave a quick "getting started" guide to BricsCAD, using her university project: the Eclectic building. What's interesting about this project are the large number of strangely angled and aligned walls. She used the Polysolid, Connect to Nearest, and Move tools to show how easy it is to make the move from 2D to 3D and create a limitless variety of room shapes. Finally, she demoed some great BIM tools like BIMWindowCreate and added IFC data to her model with just a few clicks.

BIM Student Event 2019- Screenshot-35-1024x576

Top-down views of the Eclectic building, proving that BIM doesn't need to be square.

The Gemini Building

To finish Tina, using a model created by Jasper and Koen's 3rd year, demonstrated BIMify, XRefs, and how to extract data from a project. She concluded with the various render options of BricsCAD BIM.

BIM Student Event 2019- IMG 0820-1024x683

Tina Nielandt on the mic with Fleur Dooms handling the demo


To round up our guest speaker Mouton, a structural bureau, gave an in-depth talk on a real project the demonstrated a real-world application for today's topics.

Bricsys also had some surprising news: we announce our upcoming student competition! The main prize is a trip to the BricsCAD conference in Stockholm! Stay tuned to find out more.

The after party

The event closed with free beer, burgers and a chance for the students to meet their peers and reflect on what they had learned.

The responses from the students I spoke to were overwhelmingly positive. Many have never heard of BricsCAD before. Others commented on the fact that, although they were aware of the software, they had no idea that it was so versatile, or that you could add BIM data in BricsCAD. Favorite functions included: Propagate, BIMify, and QuickDraw.

There were also students at the event who had been in a previous year. It's great to see people coming back each year. Will I be seeing you again in 2020?

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Over 190 student signed up for the free BIM event in Gent. The student team here at Bricsys ran the event and did a smashing job. There was also entertainment from comedian David Galle. We announce our upcoming student competition! The main prize is a trip to the BricsCAD conference in Stockholm! To wrap up there was free food and drink and a chance to socialize.

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