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40+ Free CAD Block Libraries from Known Manufacturers - CADprofi

CP-Manufacturers - CAD block libraries from CADprofi - gives you access to more than 40 free CAD libraries from world-known manufacturers. Use them for sanitary, central heating, ventilation, electrical and other types of installations. Some of these libraries are available free, as a stand-alone application and others are included as part of the BricsCAD-CADprofi application.

These libraries are perfect for:

  • Apparatus and electrical switchboards
  • Busbars, mesh cable trays
  • Lighting protection system
  • Armature, pumps, boilers, tanks, etc
  • Elements of exhaust fumes/chimney installations
  • Elements of plumbing installations
  • Typical boiler systems

Electrical Industry Parts Catalogs

HVAC Industry Parts Catalogs

Design Quickly and Conveniently

CP-Manufacturers also gives you access to three important commands:

Attributes and Descriptions:

During the symbol and object insertion, the CP-Manufacturers add-on, adds various descriptions and technical parameters. This data is stored as attributes. The Attributes and Descriptions command allows you to edit the attributes, as well as to add descriptions (as a simple text) into the drawing. All data that is used in the attributes can be later used during the BOM creation.

Frames and Tables:

The Frames and Tables command offers you a convenient way to insert standard frames and tables to the drawing.

Bill of Materials:

The Bill of Materials command allows you to easily prepare specifications and BOMs (Bills of Materials). You can be print or export this to multiple formats, including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and more. It also makes it possible to automatically create graphical legends.

Where to download these free CAD libraries

Some of the CP-Manufacturers libraries can be downloaded for free from www.cadprofi.com. Alternatively, head over to the Bricsys App Store.

All manufacturers' libraries are included in CADprofi -- a professional CAD program that helps in designing architectural and mechanical projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations based on both national and international standards.

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