BricsCAD & CADprofi - A perfect combination

By Karol Klimowicz 3 min September 22, 2019
BricsCAD & CADprofi - A perfect combination

CADprofi is a popular CAD add-on that expands the functionality of BricsCAD. Four modules are available: HVAC & Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, and Architectural.

CADprofi - a professional CAD addon that contains four industry modules: HVAC & Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, and Architectural...

Design features include a large library of industry-standard objects, tools to speed up drawing of architectural plans, automate drawing of installation views, and even automatically generate electrical diagrams, to name but a few.

Design faster and more conveniently

Use the CADprofi program to finish your job in record time. CADprofi extends the functionality of BricsCAD with new discipline-specific commands and content. CADprofi gives you access to the latest libraries of well-known, global manufacturers like ABB, Legrand, WILO, Vaillant, and more.

In addition, CADprofi users have access to a large library of products prepared to both national and international standards including; EN, ISO, IEC, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, NFPA, AS, PN, DIN, LVS, NORSOK, ÖNORM, GOST, and JIS. In reality, this list is limitless as users can extend these libraries and add their own symbols and objects!

CADprofi provides BricsCAD users with additional new commands that allow them to easily prepare specifications and BOMs (bill of materials) for print, or export. Multiple formats are available; pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html, and more! CADprofi also makes it possible to automatically create graphical legends.

Full cooperation in all four industries

CADprofi contains 4 industry modules that will satisfy the needs of every designer and CAD user:

CADprofi Architectural is the must-have tool for architects. It speeds up the creation of construction drawings. Effortlessly create cross-sections & elevations, draw walls, insert doors & windows, add architectural annotations, and create evacuation & safety plans. Users also have access to a huge pre-defined object library.

CADprofi Mechanical is designed for 2D mechanical and construction projects. It contains an extensive library of standardized parts prepared to national and international standards. Draw and edit technological schematics, as well as hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

CADprofi HVAC & Piping is ideal for installation projects: heating, water, sewage, gas, medical, fire safety, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and technology... and the list goes on. Intelligent symbol and object insertion, automatic drawing of installation views, creation of specifications, and a huge library of parts from well-known manufacturers are just a few of the advantages of CADprofi for the BricsCAD user.

BricsCAD & CADprofi - A perfect combination- hvac

Quick insertion of armature in a pipeline

CADprofi Electrical is perfect for all kinds of electrical installation projects. It offers a convenient schematic editor and the possibility to design architectural plans, as well as the possibility to create 3D models. It also features a schemes creator that allows users to quickly create a project based on selected products without the need for manual drawing!

BricsCAD & CADprofi - A perfect combination- creator big

Power distribution scheme creator.

All these modules can be bought separately, or in a package known as CADprofi Suite. Read more about CADprofi products or download the 30-day, free demo and see for yourself why thousands of designers have chosen CADprofi software for their everyday work.

Discover more 3rd party BricsCAD apps

CADprofi and hundreds of other applications are available on the BricsCAD App Store. Easy to try, easy to buy, easy to own. That's BricsCAD®. Try it, free for 30 days at Freedom of choice, plus perpetual (permanent) product licenses that work with all languages, in all places. You'll love what we've built for you with the BricsCAD® product family.

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