TSL is more productive than ever with BricsCAD®

Founded in 2009 in Portsmouth, TSL specializes in the design and installation of facades, with an emphasis on fire remediation.

TSL is more productive than ever with BricsCAD

Working faster & easier

The British-based company, which also provides roofing and cladding services, decided to switch to BricsCAD Pro for all design work and material scheduling.

According to Ben Bentley, Senior Design and Technical Manager at TSL, transitioning from the company’s previous CAD provider to BricsCAD has proven to be a sound decision, and the platform has delivered many advantages.

“I received some compelling information on BricsCAD, the capabilities of the platform, and its integrations with third-party applications. Before making the switch, I also had a product demo so I could evaluate the software and test all of its functions.”

“When I realized that BricsCAD offers everything I need in a CAD platform, yet for a much more reasonable price than that of our previous CAD provider, the decision was easy.”

Increasing productivity with BricsCAD

TSL worked with their BricsCAD reseller, KTF Software to develop bespoke LISP routines to increase productivity and calculate materials more accurately, saving the team 75% of the time they would normally spend on some tasks.

“BricsCAD makes scheduling work much faster and easier. It has also helped to reduce the possibility of making mistakes when we are scheduling materials.”

“Tasks that used to take one person approximately six to seven working days in our previous CAD platform are now completed in BricsCAD in less than two days, and with more confidence and accuracy.”

“We found very little difference between the interfaces of both CAD platforms too, so switching to BricsCAD was seamless, with no disruptions to workflow nor any loss of productivity.”

Parametric blocks, a gamechanger

Parametric Blocks and Arrays are two of the top features in BricsCAD for Ben and his team. Parametric Blocks deliver reusable geometry that can be defined once and used over and over again. You can adjust each insert of a parametric block to display with a different length, width and even, visibility state.

“Parametric blocks are an absolute lifesaver; I don’t know how we managed before we had them. Another fantastic feature is Arrays. It’s the best thing I’ve used in a CAD program.”

“Since we started using BricsCAD, the increase in our productivity is unbelievable. Everyone at TSL who uses BricsCAD will not switch back to the CAD platform we used previously.”

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