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Stageco Netherlands rocks the globe with BricsCAD

Stageco’s Head of R&D Paul Schijfsma chooses BricsCAD to assure the organizers of big musical tours and festivals that the show will go on, on time and on budget.

Stageco may not be a household name, but you’ve almost certainly seen their work: stunning indoor and outdoor stages for some of the world’s most famous musicians, such as Bon Jovi, U2, the Rolling Stones. Stageco has offices worldwide, including the Netherlands. For the technical drawings of their structures and platforms, Stageco Netherlands relies on BricsCAD Pro and supports renowned European events like Lowlands Festival, Tomorrowland, Sensation, and Mysteryland.

Paul Schijfsma is a Senior Engineer and Head of R&D department of Stageco Netherlands. He believes “it is very important for a company like ours to own our software and CAD licenses because literally everything relies on the drawings - and therefore, on our CAD system - from the first basic sketches to the load list, or the designs and plans for the people who are going to actually build these constructions.”

When Stageco made the switch to BricsCAD, they found that a lot of the tools felt familiar. They were able to modify BricsCAD’s workspace and shortcuts to match the way they were accustomed to working and could also continue using the same libraries and blocks as they had previously, allowing for a seamless transition.


BricsCAD is important to Stageco because of its functionality and its reliability throughout the whole process, but most of all, because of the speed. The team can work rapidly, even with complex drawings.

“Speed is of the essence,”* states Paul. *“There is a whole production chain in place. There are deadlines, tours that start at a certain date… That process is like a chain of domino stones about to trip each other for a smooth cascade. But if that cascade gets interrupted, the chain stops, and everything slows down. That is just not acceptable. The pressure is on, the whole time. And BricsCAD gives us the speed and reassurance that we need to be successful.”

Paul explains, “Before BricsCAD, we had been using other CAD software that was also DWG-based, but it didn’t offer the BricsCAD speed. We make pretty large constructions, and a zoom or an attempt to rotate the model, well, that just took forever with those other programs.”


Stageco makes use of a lot of custom 3rd party applications, so it’s important to them to have control of their software. Paul Schijfsma is a fan of the Communicator for BricsCAD, which
allows Stageco to export to a wide range of file formats. “Another distinctive advantage of BricsCAD is that it has an ‘open’ structure. We can run other applications on the software, customizing BricsCAD to our own specific needs.” says Paul.

“We even have a local company now that specializes in adapting BricsCAD to the specific needs and demands of the event industry. Lighting, scaffolding, video, PA towers... are all taken into account. The result is that BricCAD has become probably the most valuable and purpose-specific design tool for the event industry. I am definitely happy to be known as the man who brought in BricsCAD at Stageco.”

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