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Rots Maatwerk reaps the benefits of a simplified and superior drawing software package after switching to BricsCAD

Rots Maatwerk brings outdoor areas to life by supplying high-quality materials to development projects.

From glass and wood to natural stone and steel, the Dutch firm engineers all its products in-house, drawing on an extensive supplier network to ensure unmatched quality.

The company relies heavily on various software programs to support its drawing and design activities.

According to in-house CAD engineer Bart Veenstra, this complex landscape was creating challenges for the business: “Previously, I needed five programs operating side by side to work out complex projects,” he comments. “Each package did its job, but the exchange was difficult and cumbersome.”

In addition, Veenstra was the only person in the team who could confidently work across all the different software packages, creating a potential bottleneck during busy periods. He continues: “This situation made the engineering team dependent on a single person and reduced crucial flexibility in work preparation. It simply wasn’t a sustainable solution.”

In response to these challenges, Rots Maatwerk decided to move towards a simplified drawing package for engineering personnel.

Simplifying the design process with BricsCAD.

In September 2019, software reseller CADkoop Nederland B.V. recommended BricsCAD as the solution that was best placed to address Rots Maatwerk’s challenge.

With BricsCAD, all disciplines are unified in a single program, enabling the team to work from a single model and helping to identify and address potential errors and problems earlier in the process.

“Where in the past, we used several programs to combine 2D drawings into one composition, we can now use BricsCAD from initial sketches and ideas right through to final production models,” explains Veenstra.

For Veenstra, another major advantage of BricsCAD is that his colleagues are now on the same package, with work evenly divided, removing the reliance on a single person. Planners and project leaders can use and view models easily.

Rots Maatwerk makes use of the variety of different licenses available in BricsCAD. Project leaders use Bricsys Classic (Lite), work planners use Pro, and the designers use Ultimate. At the same time, switching to BricsCAD has also saved the company 50% on its annual licensing costs.

Likewise, because less time is spent on complicated conversions and using different models across different programs, BricsCAD frees up time for the Rots Maatwerk creative team to concentrate on value- added tasks and superior customer service.

A transformative impact

The new solution has already had a transformational impact on major Rots Maatwerk projects, including the European Medicines Agency, and many municipalities throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

“Our project for the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam was challenging because the different parts from various manufacturers only came together on the construction site during installation,” explains Veenstra. “There was zero room for error: if the parts didn’t fit, there wouldn’t be enough time to replace them.”

He continues: “However, before installation, we had everything CNC produced built into the BIM model and were able to iron out potential issues in advance. As a result, the build went off without a hitch.”

Where in the past, we used several programs to combine 2D drawings into one composition, we can now use BricsCAD from initial sketches and ideas right through to final production models,
Bart Veenstra, CAD Engineer

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