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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – Great CAD productivity with amazing user experience

By The Bricsys Team 4 min 22 Kasım 2022
Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – Great CAD productivity with amazing user experience

In the BricsCAD V23 Spotlight blog series, we are exploring the themes of the summit and how four guiding principles helped to shape BricsCAD Version 23’s new features, tools and commands.

In the previous post on CAD-based innovation, we looked at how Bricsys has promised to deliver the best tools, with AI and machining learning, for users to enjoy drafting, designing and modeling, all on an advanced DWG-based platform.

Intuitive to use, learn and adopt

Today, we look at the features in Version 23 which are intuitive to use, learn and adopt when our users draft and design in their CAD workflows. This amazing user-experience is driven by the way our development teams harness new technology, so we’ll also highlight our favourite tools and commands to give users extra productivity too.

Harness new technology to super-charge productivity

For those new to BricsCAD, it’s a horizontal design product to address various design workflows, which serves the needs of many industry sectors.

Bricsys Digital Summit: Product highlights from four main rooms

The BricsCAD V23 Pro and Lite sessions were hosted by Gavin England, from the Go-to-Market team, and Wouter Nys, AI Team Manager at Bricsys in Belgium.

Express tools to support and enhance CAD productivity

Express tools to support and enhance CAD productivity

For CAD users, we know being more productive adds to the design or drafting experience and process. The new Express tools in BricsCAD, now natively with a whole set of capabilities, provide a host of time-saving features:

  • Additional Layer Management tools
  • Extra block Manipulation tool
  • Annotation tools
  • And further geometry modification tools

More flexible and efficient design in CAD

Version 23 also has new intelligent features to enhance productivity, like CopyGuided 3D, which can now be applied to model faces, extending its flexibility and usability. And the powerful Optimise command now fixes geometric inaccuracies, such as small gaps between arc and line, in a much smarter way. This helps maintain the integrity of the drawing, for greater performance and more productivity.

Similarly, Parametric BLOCKIFY has now been extended to recognize plain 2D-geometry variations of parametric blocks, with 2D parameters and constraints and flip lines.

CAD tools which are intuitive to use and easy to learn – you’ll be quicker and more creative

It was exciting to see the new intelligent Command Assistant feature, which makes drafting and designing easier and simpler when using BricsCAD. The feature provides in-product, personalized user-assistance, powered by AI.

A new ribbon tab has been added, which intuitively suggests which commands you’re likely to need next and provides valuable usage tips. It’s also so smart it suggests productivity tools that others are using too.

When you’re new to BricsCAD, this unique and powerful capability can really help you get up to speed fast. And for seasoned BricsCAD users, personalized user-assistance will help you to quickly discover the ways you like to design in your workflows.

And there is more…

And finally, we’ve introduced a new Lasso Object selection capability to give you a really useful way to select entities.

Want to discover more ways CAD users can free time to focus on drafting, design and modeling? Watch the on-demand session and check out the demos for more great productivity tools.

We’ll be back next time with more highlights from the Bricsys Digital Summit.

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