31 October 2022 | 15:00 CET

Build Better

Digital technologies are driving a radical transformation in our design and modelling collaborations.

At the Bricsys Digital Summit 2022, you can join the Bricsys team to explore how we are harnessing the power of AI, cloud technologies and CAD-based modelling to democratize these possibilities for architects, engineers, designers and modelling specialist, manufacturers, and constructors.

Join our industry-leading experts to be part of this future now. And enjoy hands-on experience guided by our technical specialists on the latest innovations across the Bricsys family of products.

Group 197

Hear Bricsys’ vision to keep innovating our sector, with expertise from 10+ speakers

Group 207

Gain a comprehensive, technical overview of the Bricsys portfolio in 3+ hours

Group 212

Be at the launch of BricsCAD® V23 to preview many workflow refinements

Group 205

Explore the collaborative possibilities of Bricsys 24/7 directly with our product team

Group 204

Get even more from your Bricsys solution in technically-focused breakout sessions

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The Bricsys Digital Summit 2022 brings together our product experts to showcase the latest innovative tools in BricsCAD V23 and advances in cloud-connectivity within Bricsys 24/7. Join our 12+ speakers, 10+ live demos and 23+ break-out sessions to be amazed how you can build better.


Speaker and Topic
Main Stage Rahul Kejriwal
Welcome to Bricsys Digital Summit 2022
Thomas Harring
Hexagon and the Bricsys family of products
Cathi Hayes, Jan Syssauw and
Jens Akkermans

Company vision and product strategy
Room 1 Gavin England and Wouter Nys
BricsCAD V23 Pro/ Lite
Room 2 Peter Koncz and Melissa Rivera
BricsCAD V23 BIM
Room 3 Gavin England and Cliff Brown
BricsCAD V23 Mechanical
Room 4 Cathi Hayes and Tim Davis
Bricsys 24/7

Meet the speakers

Rahul Kejriwal

Rahul Kejriwal
CEO Bricsys

Thomas Harring

Thomas Harring
President, Hexagon Geosystems

Speaker Summit 2022 - Cathi Hayes

Cathi Hayes
Vice President, Go-to-Market

Jan Syssauw

Jan Syssauw
Senior Director, BricsCAD

Jens Akkermans

Jens Akkermans
Director, Bricsys 24/7

Speaker Summit 2022 - Gavin England

Gavin England
Go-to-Market, BricsCAD

Wouter Nys

Wouter Nys
AI Team Manager, BricsCAD

Speaker Summit 2022 - Melissa Rivera

Melissa Rivera
Senior Product Manager, BricsCAD BIM

Speaker Summit 2022 - Peter Koncz

Peter Koncz
Go-to-Market, BricsCAD BIM

Cliff Brown

Cliff Brown
Executive Product Owner, BricsCAD Mechanical

 Tim Davis

Tim Davis
Product Owner, 24/7

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