The official launch of BricsCAD® V22 at the Digital Summit

Re-live the summit and discover the difference BricsCAD V22 could make for you and your business. See innovation in CAD, BIM, and mechanical design technologies.

Huntsville model - BricsCAD Digital summit

Ola Rollén

Fueling Hexagon's Innovation in AEC and Manufacturing with BricsCAD

In this session, Hexagon’s CEO, Ola Rollén, describes his strategic vision for Hexagon and Bricsys, where BricsCAD fits within Hexagon’s broader ecosystem, and how innovation continues to fuel better outcomes for the AEC and Manufacturing industries.

Cathi Hayes

Inside Bricsys' Vision for BricsCAD

In this session with Cathi Hayes, we transform our vision for BricsCAD into a powerful reality with real-world workflow examples that bring our ‘One Platform’ approach to life.

Based on industry-standard DWG BricsCAD offers an exciting modern alternative for the building, civil and manufacturing industries.

Gavin England & Don Strimbu

The Future of 2D and 3D Design: BricsCAD Lite and Pro

Join Gavin England and Don Strimbu as they explore the power of BricsCAD Pro, and the simplicity of BricsCAD Lite in this overview session.

We will demonstrate how the latest release of BricsCAD can help you improve design and documentation productivity, while integrating seamlessly with a wealth of discipline-specific application products from the Bricsys Collective, and much, much more.

Rick Ellis

The Evolving Role of BricsCAD Pro in Civil Engineering

Rick Ellis walks us through the latest features and improvements in BricsCAD Pro for our civil users, and highlight "the possible" with the diverse projects that have been delivered through BricsCAD and our specialist civil partner applications.

Discover how we will be delivering innovation and incredible value now and, in the future, within the civil engineering industry.

Melissa Rivera & Peter Koncz

A Different Approach: BricsCAD BIM

Tired of undelivered promises of increased productivity and reduced workloads? It's time for a fundamentally different approach!

Melissa Rivera and Peter Koncz present to you the only BIM workflow in the industry where design decisions come first, and artificial intelligence algorithms automate the laborious tasks of manipulating detail levels, BIM data and documentation.

Christian Lecomte & Gavin England

Flexible and Intelligent Design for Manufacturers: BricsCAD Mechanical

Discover BricsCAD Mechanical, a powerful solution which provides all the fundamental mechanical design capabilities you need, at an affordable price

In this session, Christian Lecomte and Gavin England show you BricsCAD Mechanical makes design accessible, enables greater design freedom, and connects BIM to fabrication in a single design environment.

Mattias Stenberg

Closing Address: Uniting Hexagon PPM and Bricsys

In this closing session, Mattias Stenberg, Hexagon PPM President, outlines how BricsCAD, together with other solutions within the PPM technology stack, offers a complete set of design tools for the building, infrastructure, and process industries.

Dive deeper with our breakout sessions

Want a more technical and hands-on approach to explore BricsCAD® V22? Browse our in-depth ‘breakout sessions’ and discover the difference in our latest release.