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Meet the team that makes Bricsys – Fleur Dooms

By Kelsey Grant 6 min 11. mája 2022
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In our latest instalment of ‘Meet the team that makes Bricsys’, we get to know Fleur Dooms. Starting off her career as a student with Bricsys as a BIM Modeler, Fleur excelled and has now been a BricsCAD BIM Product Specialist on the Bricsys team for almost 3 years.

Though working out of the Bricsys head office in Ghent, Belgium, Fleur’s role as BricsCAD BIM Product specialist has afforded her the benefits of flexible working and the ability to travel Europe whilst delighting our clients with product demonstrations! Of course, COVID put a halt to travel and exploration for some time, however Fleur is back on the road and is keen to help our clients experience the difference that BricsCAD BIM can truly make to their workflows and designs.

Fleur Doom demo

When speaking with Fleur about her role at Bricsys she tells us happily that every day brings new and exciting challenges for her to tackle. From demonstrations to clients, representing Bricsys at expositions, creating training materials, answering technical product-related questions, to reporting the bugs she encounters while working, no two days are the same for Fleur.

‘A new day, a new challenge…it is what I enjoy!’

As Fleur reminisces, her mind wanders back to her most memorable moment with Bricsys. The annual Bricsys conference in 2019, Stockholm. Fleur was a speaker and found the whole experience unforgettable. Standing in front of an eager audience and having the opportunity to talk not only about her job, but also her passion: BIM.

Fleur goes on to say: ‘I really love showcasing our product and its new features on a real-life stage, with my awesome colleagues performing the demo live alongside me. I truly hope to be able to do this again soon. When the time comes, I wish with all my heart that our users can be there with me to experience the conference and feel the amazing vibe’!

Fleur Dooms Speaker

At Bricsys, we are passionate about our people pursuing their interests and developing in their specialist field along the way. Fleur specialises in parametric modelling. In particular, she is interested in both the built-in parametric toolset in BricsCAD and the BricsCAD-Grasshopper plugin. Beyond this, Fleur has become familiar with Typed Plans in BricsCAD BIM, everything related to IFC, and is a huge fan of the entire cross-over between BricsCAD Mechanical and BricsCAD BIM.

One of the most fascinating parts of her time at Bricsys, Fleur mentions, is getting to see how our clients are using BricsCAD to their full advantage. She gets behind-the-scenes access to our user’s workflows and can often be found demonstrating little ‘hacks’ inside of BricsCAD, so that they can achieve something faster or in different, but maybe non-conventional, way. Fleur goes on to add: ‘it proves that BricsCAD really has some nice hidden gems! My personal goal is to make those little, yet golden, features more accessible to all users’.

To achieve this goal, Fleur uses her inside knowledge and expertise to create training materials from which our users can learn more about these ‘hacks’. Similarly, Fleur ensures that our product and development team stay abreast of the latest tips and tricks so they can spread the word even further.

We thought Fleur was the ideal person to ask what the most useful BricsCAD feature is, in her opinion. As a keen user of BricsCAD BIM, we struggled to pin Fleur down to just one favourite feature, so we’ll go for the top 3 most useful features according to a BricsCAD BIM Product Specialist: EXPLODE, DMSTITCH, and the ConnectToNearest option of TCONNECT.

Fleur explains how she uses EXPLODE to explode blocks into their different sub-elements, or to explode polylines into different line fragments, or solids into regions/surfaces.

DMSTITCH enables Fleur to stitch together regions or surfaces until they become solids, adding ‘It is such a powerful command, because it can stitch almost anything together so you can make the weirdest shapes with it and as soon as it is watertight, they become solids ready to be sliced or hatched, etc’.

Fleur explains how the ConnectToNearest option of TCONNECT has shortened her workflows. She adds that she uses ConnectToNearest in combination with the Quad: then, you can hover over any face of a solid and it will TCONNECT that face to the nearest object or objects that it encounters. It’s a very easy way to make clean or difficult connections, quickly and simply.

But what makes Bricsys and the BricsCAD product family different from other CAD on the market? As a BricsCAD team member, but also an avid BricsCAD user herself, Fleur loves the fact that the software is continually being improved, and fast too! With each new release the user benefits from innovative commands, quick resolutions of their issues, and the continued support of the Bricsys team.

‘You don’t just buy BricsCAD, you also get yourself a trustworthy, caring, and attentive ally in the design industry!’

We’ve heard how Fleur started in Bricsys, what her current role as a BricsCAD BIM Product Specialist entails day-to-day, and we’ve had a small insight into the tips that Fleur can provide to our users. But what is something that Fleur is working on right now that is getting her excited for the future of BricsCAD BIM?

Recently, Fleur has been investing more and more time in working with our Scan-To-BIM toolset and investigating how we can create an even smoother workflow from scan to BIM to documentation. For Fleur, there is great enjoyment in searching for different ways to capture an existing situation and from there make a new design. The results can then be used to create a documentation set for a new design that is embedded in the old situation. Another one of Fleur’s tricks to streamline your BIM workflow!

And looking to the future with Fleur, 2022 is the year that…

‘We can meet colleagues and friends at parties again, and with the Bricsys family you always get the best kind of parties!’

Discover more about BricsCAD BIM, or get in touch to hear more about the BricsCAD solutions waiting to revolutionize your CAD.

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