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Version 15.2.0918 sept. 2015

Nouveautés spécifiques Mac OSX


  • SR46028, SR49727, SR49729, SR50106, SR50180, SR50599, SR50824, SR61289, SR61512, SR61564, SR61739, SR61900 - CROSSHAIR CURSOR: the crosshair cursor is now visible in the main graphics area (as opposed to a regular mouse pointer). Mind that the CURSORSIZE variable to set the crosshairs size as a percentage of the screen size works only partially. The crosshairs have a maximum size, the maximum CURSORSIZE is 4 (any higher value yields the same actual size as value 4).
  • SR49139, SR50584, SR61901 - AUTOCOMPLETION: if the autocompletion windows was shown while focus was on the main graphics window, the arrow keys could not be used to select another suggestion in the autocompletion windows.
  • SR50011 - CLOSE FROM DOCK: BricsCAD crashed when it was closed from the Dock.
  • SR50180 - CROSSHAIR CURSOR: in BricsCAD (Mac) V15.2.02 BETA, the crosshair cursor was disappearing in paper space or outside the current viewport in model space.
  • SR61337 - CUSTOM PAPER: added means to add/edit/select custom paper sizes to the PRINT dialog.
  • SR62252 - LISP ASCII: the lisp function (ascii) gave wrong results.
  • SR62642 - RENDERMATERIALPATH: the default render material path was /etc/RenderMaterials/. This directory could not be created since /etc/ requires root permissions. The default location has now changed to /var/bricsys/RenderMaterials. Automatic creation of /var/bricsys is added to the BricsCAD (Mac) installer.
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