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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – Hoe BricsCAD® Mechanical 2D en 3D mogelijkheden verenigt in één CAD platform

Door The Bricsys Team 4 min 10 januari 2023
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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – How BricsCAD® Mechanical Unites 2D and 3D Capabilities in one CAD Platform

In the BricsCAD V23 Spotlight blog series, we are exploring the themes of the summit and how our four guiding principles helped to shape BricsCAD Version 23’s new features, tools and commands. 

In the previous post on CAD-based innovation, we looked at how Bricsys has promised to deliver the best tools, with AI and machine learning, for users to enjoy drafting, designing and modeling, all on an advanced DWG-based platform.

Here, we review the BricsCAD Mechanical session from the Digital Summit, presented by Gavin England from the Go-to-Market team and Cliff Brown, Executive Product Manager at Bricsys.

They explore the new features for 2D mechanical, 3D assemblies and even more open, compatible workflows. Gavin and Cliff demonstrate how BricsCAD Mechanical offers a uniquely flexible approach to 3D modeling and new capabilities - from fundamental drafting to advanced mechanical design.

Gavin and Cliff - Bricsys Digital Summit

Challenges facing manufacturers

Gavin opened the session by setting out the typical challenges faced by manufacturers today:

  • Shortage of skilled and experienced workers
  • Changing market landscape and volatile supply chains
  • Customer demands – faster product delivery
  • Customers wanting more choice and product personalisation

And how greater agility helps to overcome these challenges.

How can BricsCAD Mechanical V23 help?

With the new features and enhancements, BricsCAD Mechanical V23 gives users greater agility. Gavin went on to outline how.

New 2D mechanical symbols and annotations enable users to create new and modify existing 2D documentation much faster, while 3D assemblies can be built and updated more efficiently and flexibly. For users working on welded-fabrication designs, they can create and detail those more quickly. The increased openness enables users to better address wider workflows more seamlessly.

Plus, the performance improvements like greater compatibility with AutoCAD Mechanical and further integration between the mechanical and BIM worlds, allow faster response to changing environments, demands and needs.

BricsCAD Mechanical in more detail

Cliff then goes into more detail about BricsCAD Mechanical.

“Mechanical is intelligent. The AI enabled automation philosophy you can see with BricsCAD Pro and Lite extend itself here too”

The features within BricsCAD Pro which allow you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize drawings and guide users are all still relevant. But in addition, BricsCAD Mechanical also features unique intelligent capabilities aimed at manufacturers.

Cliff - Bricsys Digital Summit

Flexible approach to 3D modeling

Our 3D modeling approach is uniquely flexible, where direct and parametric modeling methods sit together. Allowing users to directly manipulate the model and then control any element of it with parameters and constraints, in a hybrid approach.

This makes design creation and modification simple and easy to understand and re-using imported data incredibly easy and fast.

2D and 3D in one single environment

BricsCAD Mechanical provides advanced 3D modeling, sheet metal design and assembly development. However, it also provides the complete set of 2D tools found in BricsCAD Pro and additional 2D mechanical detailing features.

These are all in one single environment - making it easy to design in 2D, 3D, or any combination of the two. This enables a huge amount of flexibility in your workflows.

Accessible mechanical design for everyone

Specialist mechanical design tools are often overly complex and prohibitively expensive. BricsCAD Mechanical is built on BricsCAD Pro, so it has the same familiar look and feel, and native DWG file format.

It eliminates the complexity found in traditional, history-based tools, so there is no need to figure out a new product or spend weeks translating existing DWG data. Nor do you have to learn completely different design techniques.

BricsCAD Mechanical really does make mechanical design accessible for everyone.

To hear more about BricsCAD Mechanical and see the demos, watch the full on-demand session.

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