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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight - Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

By The Bricsys Team 4 min November 8, 2022
Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight - Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

Bricsys Digital Summit highlights from the main rooms

In the previous blog post, we explored the main themes of the summit and introduced the innovations to help you Build Better. At the Summit, we showed how four principles shaped the development of BricsCAD Version 23. If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at V23’s new tools and commands for CAD, demonstrating how we set out to ‘Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation’.

Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

For those unfamiliar with BricsCAD, it’s a horizontal design product to address various design workflows, which serves the needs of many industry sectors.

Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation

‘Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation’ directly addresses the notion that some parties in our industry are moving away from a CAD-based design and collaboration ecosystem.

Whereas, at Bricsys, we fundamentally disagree with this proposition. Our continuous development with AI and machine learning demonstrate that CAD is a powerful platform for design innovation.

So, for CAD and modelling, this means we bring our user-community familiar tools paired with innovative tools like, Optimize and BIMify.

Capabilities and enhancements, driving our CAD-based innovation

Capabilities and enhancements, driving our CAD-based innovation

The BricsCAD V23 Pro and Lite sessions were hosted by Gavin England, Go-to-Market and Wouter Nys, AI Team Manager at Bricsys.

They explained how BricsCAD’s unique intelligent tools, such as CopyGuided, have been upgraded by our developers making them even more flexible. And they show how point-cloud workflows have been made more efficient in V23.

Innovative tools to help migration from legacy DWG-based CAD products have been added. This includes a new dynamic to Parametric Block converter, making switching to BricsCAD even more seamless.

Gavin said at the opening of the session:

When it comes to challenging the status quo through CAD-based innovation, V23 further surpasses the capabilities found in legacy DWG-based products and increases our compatibility.

This compatibility makes it so easy to upgrade to BricsCAD. Here are some of the innovations shown at the Summit to highlight what users can expect in V23:

  • NEW CAD drawing health tools – these increase design performance and help deliver drawings faster and maintaining quality of design
  • Arrange command (introduced in V22) – now easier to use, with increased flexibility for more accurate designs and improved efficiency
  • NEW Connect command – enables entities which are not touching to be connected

Dynamic Block to Parametric Block – at the touch of a button

Dynamic Block to Parametric Block – at the touch of a button

V23 introduces our new Dynamic to Parametric Bock converter for greater compatibility. We are confident that our Parametric Block capability offers a superior alterative to the AutoCAD dynamic blocks feature.

You can convert your libraries of Dynamic Blocks into BricsCAD-native Parametric Blocks, providing a more seamless upgrade, letting to get started faster with BricsCAD. This new converter makes it easier to take advantage of Parametric Blocks when you upgrade to BricsCAD.

Watch the on-demand session and see the demos of the new intuitive features, tools and commands in BricsCAD Version 23 to challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation.

We’ll be back next time with more highlights from the Bricsys Digital Summit.

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