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How to Edit a Block – Blocks in BricsCAD® – P6

How to Edit a Block – Blocks in BricsCAD® – P6

In this series you will learn about CAD blocks: what they are, why we use them and how to create, edit, and insert them in BricsCAD®.  In this post you will learn how to edit a block in BricsCAD.

How To Edit Blocks in BricsCAD

It's actually very easy to edit blocks in BricsCAD. You don't have to learn anything new. It's so easy in fact, you'll wonder why we dedicated a whole post to it!

How to Edit a Block – Blocks in BricsCAD® – P6- edit

  1. Access the Block editor with the BEDIT command or double-click on the block you wish to edit.
  2. The Block Editor will display the block entities in a temporary drawing session. It includes all the tools you need to create and edit a block definition.
  3. To exit the block editing session, use the BCLOSE command and choose whether to save or discard the changes. If you select the Save tool, all changes are saved to the block and are updated automatically in the drawing.

How To Rename a Block in BricsCAD

To rename a block in BricsCAD you have two options:

  1. Open up the Drawing Explorer and right-click the block. Then select "Rename" from the drop-down menu.

    How to Edit a Block – Blocks in BricsCAD® – P6- rename-e1594375367149-800x452

    rename a block with the Drawing Explorer

  2. Type -Rename into the command line and follow the instructions on the Command line.

Good to know

In BricsCAD, grids are also stored as blocks. The BEdit command also allows you to edit a rectangular grid.

What's next?

Come back next time when we'll talk about ways to edit blocks in BricsCAD.

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